Zoe Hanis Reviews The PalmPower Wand Massager


It arrived in a chintzy white, pink and gray plastic box with a clear area for the PalmPower to show through. I found the box difficult to read. We were not off to a promising start.

Removing the unit from the box, I pressed the button. Nothing happened. So I opened the long rectangular box and four plug adapter plates, a cord and the instruction booklet fell out. I found the US adapter plate, slid it onto the adapter box at the end of the cord, and plugged it in both ends of the cord. The other adapter plates allow this product to be used in: UK/Ireland, Europe, and China/Australia/New Zealand. The light at the base of the unit came on, so I knew it was connected.

Picking up the instruction book, I looked to see how long I needed to charge it before it could be used. I was very surprised to find out that it did not need to be charged as it does not have a battery – it is an electric (corded) vibrator! Hmmm… none of the promo pictures I have seen nor any of the product blurbs that I have read, heck not even the box said that this vibrator was not the usual rechargeable vibrator that I have become accustomed to seeing. Not even turned on yet, and I was already worried about this toy.

Since it is customary to measure any electric vibrator against the Hitachi – sorry, Magic Wand Original, I got mine out of my nightstand drawer; it is one of the only toys that I keep close by. It is my go to vibe if I just need to get off (or if nothing else will finish the job). I’m the kind of gal that has no problem using it on high directly on my clit/vulva, not any of this through underwear or pants stuff.  I love its powerful vibrations.

Laying the PalmPower next to my Magic Wand, it was dwarfed. It was a bit over one half the size in length and girth. I was now seriously skeptical.

The PalmPower measures 7.5” in length from tip where cord attaches to the head. Its “removable silicone cap” is 1.5” inches in diameter by 1” high.

The power cord is 8 ft long. This is a whole 2 feet longer than the Magic Wand’s cord.  And it is detachable. 

The PalmPower has only one control button. The longer the button is depressed, the more intense the vibration. This method allows the PalmPower to have a wide range of speeds (whereas the Magic Wand has two). To shut the PalmPower off, press and let up on the button quickly.

I pressed the button and held it until it would not vibrate any faster. At that point, I realized that this toy review was going to be a heck of a lot more interesting than I originally thought....there's more...


Posted on January 11, 2014 and filed under bms, silicone, vibrator.