Toys in Love Reviews the Vixskin Maverick by Vixen

We’re going all ginormous on you today, and we’re doing it with the help of our VibeTribe benefactors and benevolent philanthropists of all things heavenly. Meaning, we snuck back into the halls of the goddesses at SheVibe, and came away - after a battle that shook the heavens - with a toy that’s equal to the battle, and definitely worth all the gold on Earth! … Okay, so it might be a bit exaggerated… But no more so than the toy, so I guess it’s all a question of perception, and trust me; you can only perceive this toy as BIG!

The toy?  “Maverick” One of the brilliant VixSkin toys from Vixen Creations. And … it’s … just … BIG!


But let’s back up a bit: One of SheVibe’s always discreet boxes flying over my shoulder, after having gently removed the tube I knew would greet me within. Vixen Creations has these clear tubes, cut to length, capped off in both ends, and a sticker on the side listing the properties, the care instructions, and so on.  I really love them. Really bad as a discreet gift, but awesome as storage for the toys themselves… Just feeling the weight of the tube and seeing the Maverick within, and I had to swallow once - or twice. Holy *blip*! I’ve seen the pictures, memorized the numbers, had Maverick dreams, - but none of it came - or seemed - or had prepared me enough, for the real deal.

I instantly felt so inadequate… I mean; I’m 6 feet 4 inches worth of manly pride, and besides being a bit lean, everything is rather proportionate on me.  Including my member, but girth-wise Maverick certainly has me beat!

Getting him out of the tube, which he barely squeezes into, and you feel the VixSkin. The Vixen Creations ‘realistic’ feel silicone. Squishy, scrumptious and oh so bloody fantastic! An inner firm core, and this outer layer of soft, pliable, 100% premium silicone. No toxins, no phthalates, no nothing but the best you can possibly get in a sex toy, and it feels amazing! … The weight of all this silicone definitely makes him a heavy weight. He’s listed at 7¾ inches in total, which is pretty accurate. Slightly over 7¼ inches of those are insertable. The listed 2 inches in girth, is a bit on the low side,  Ours is closer to 2¼, depending on where I measure him, which is a whopping 6½ -7 inches around…

To look at… Well, let me get this out of the way: I’ve always loved Vixen Creations for their fun, whimsical and beautiful colors. But with the new VixSkin, Vixen Creations did a one-eighty and went for the ‘realistic’ look in color tones. Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate. And in a way I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t keep at least one option in there for the more… quirky or unusually capricious amongst us.  Having said that, I DO like the color of the Maverick (we got the Vanilla). It’s not far off my own skin-tone actually… The artistry is absolutely brilliant: The head is completely smooth and sculpted to perfection. There’s even a small urethra hole and frenulum. The foreskin is slightly pulled back after the head, there’s perfectly molded curves and ridges in all the right places along the shaft, and you’ll even see that the shaft has a ‘skin-like’ look, or texture… - It’s just one of the best life-like looks I’ve ever seen in a silicone dildo.

Now receiving Maverick home alone, I hid him! Come evening and we started fooling around… Got my Other Half well and truly wet with a few smaller toys. You really need to work your way up to Maverick… And when she begged me to restrain her, I did. I then had at her myself a bit, - withdrew, - smiling at her protests. I lubed up Maverick, and let him glide over her labia and clit. I could see the confusion and thoughts running rampant on her face, but being blindfolded, she had no real idea which of our many toys I was caressing her with.  When I finally let Maverick’s head dip inside, the gasp, the intake of breath, and then the moan spoke of her pleasure, and her surprise. And as she became more and more relaxed, I went further and further inside with each slow thrust. “Oh Gawd!” seemed to be the expression of choice, and I just loved every second. She was leaking juices, and I had a ball lapping up as much as I could. But definitely still thankful of the LiberatorThroe. Especially when she came. I’ve written about her squirting abilities before, but *blip*! It was like a dam broke!

I held Maverick deep inside her with my knee between her legs. I slid up her body, planting kisses along the way. She was sweating, gasping for air, and hardly conscious… “What is that?” she asked, and I laughed a bit, as I jiggled the Maverick inside her with my knee. “It’s the new Maverick” I replied. And after a kiss or two, her short plea was: “Do it again…”

These last few days, I’ve done it quite a few times… She seems incapable of just having had enough. And to be frank, I’m a bit jealous. But alas: at least for now, he’s a bit too big for me. To fully enjoy at least. We do have 2 inch O-rings for our harnesses - which he just squeeze into with a little lube. But standing there with him all harnessed up, and he looks ginormous on her petite frame, and he feels about the same in my arse! But we’ll get there. It’ll probably take a few more weeks having fun with our larger toys, getting me loose enough to fully appreciate Maverick. But to be honest, I can’t wait for him to go all out back there… To make matters even more ‘annoying’: my girl CAN take him back there, and will quite easily have ridiculously awesome anal orgasms… So call me mister jealous, because that’s exactly what I am!

Speaking of harnesses: do measure your O-rings. Most harnesses will at most come with 1¾ O-rings, - so you might need to throw a larger ring for your harness in the basket before you checkout with your Maverick.

He’s also a bit of a lube hog, and being so BIG you simply can’t use enough lube. And being all this 100% premium silicone, water-based lubes and gels is the way to go. He also has this perfect ‘drag’ when inserted - which can be a bit too intense if not properly lubed.

Cleaning really couldn’t be easier: Wash Maverick in warm water with a good anti-bacterial soap, and wipe him down with an alcohol wipe or a good sex toy cleaner and voilá; as good as new. Pretty easy. Occasionally you might want to sterilize him by boiling him for three minutes…

All said and done: the Maverick really is the epitome of a high quality silicone toy. Squeezing him really does feel like squeezing a real live hard penis, - and he’s definitely a beautiful toy, - plus considering the perfect material used… There’s really nothing NOT to love about him. I know my girl definitely does!

SheVibe has quite a selection of VixSkin toys, so if the length and girth of Maverick seems a bit too much to handle for you; then there’s plenty to choose from… One thing I can guarantee: we’ll visit VixSkin again, and the sooner, the better!

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