Toys in Love Reviews the Slim Fave Metal Probe by Metal Worx

By now you guys should know that one of our favorite hangouts is SheVibe, right? And you guys have checked the place out and found it bloody cool as well, right? Good! Saves us a whole lot of trouble trying to convince you guys to go scope the place out. Besides, if we do that, you just might not come back and read the rest of this review…

So anyway, once again a discreet package entered our lives from SheVibe, once again a new exiting toy to review. And oh bloody hell did we ever test this one!

The toy, you say? Ah, but of course. The new Slim Fave from Pipedream’s brand new line of steel toys, aptly named Metal Worx. Though, exactly WHAT they are, might not be so clear after all… More on that later. First - after we got this package unraveled, shredded and thrown to hell - we found an AWESOME toy case! It’s tough, it’s hard, it’s black and it’s just … well, I did say awesome once already… It’s almost like one of those small black tool cases, or camera cases: long, sleek and with aluminum corners and fitting metal drawbolt to keep the precious toy inside. It’s the perfect gift for guys - and girls, who would probably dig the pure roughness of the case just as much. On top and bottom of the case is a sticker with an image of the ‘tool’ and some text explaining the ins and outs of the toy hidden inside; but they’re very easy to remove, if so desired. Opening the case and you find ‘the steel’. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it. But just to finish the case: inside the toy is nestled in a sturdy black foam cutout, the lid is lined with some protective black foam as well. Now then, Please, let’s focus on the toy, shall we?

Gawd! Slim Fave really is a work of art! First thing you’ll notice is how … playful it is. It’s as if some designer or artist sat down and thought: Right, two orifices down there, how do we best please both in one toy? And he did one hell of a fine job at it, I might add.

Slim Fave is fairly long, at almost 9½”. One end features what can only be described as an artsy ‘head’. - Slanted at an almost 45 degree angle with a ridge right behind it, it’s clearly the end the artist might have thought of as the end to please the vaginal walls and the G-spot. It’s not really a girthy toy, with the head being just a little over 1¼” in diameter. This head is approximately 2½” long before tapering into a slim neck, and going out again to the thickest central point of the toy. It’s actually almost as if a small egg is placed here at the center… Anyway, this central point, this ‘egg’, this girthiest part, is approximately 1½” in diameter. Now if we look at the other end of the toy - clearly the end to please the anal entrance - we find a series of ‘bubbles’, one slightly larger than the one following. The first is very small, at only ⅝”, and then they of course increase in size. The last of the four is about 1⅙” before tapering in to a similar slim neck as the other end - before the ‘egg’ - and we have the egg again. In truth: It’s brilliant, beautiful, artsy, playful and oh bloody hell is it ever tantalizing!

And it’s heavy! 763 g = 1.68212 lb - or 1 lb and 10.91 oz. Like I said: Heavy! When you go at with a partner; Yay! If you’re going at it alone; you might get a bit sore, especially if you plan on thrusting for hours…

Now, here’s were it get a bit dicey… One the case-stickers it says “High-Quality Steel”. Kevin Johnson from Pipedream went out in forums and said “Metal Worx is made of stainless steel and a high quality material that should not tarnish or rust.” On their website it says “high quality steel”. Case closed? Not quite. You see; steel has several grades. Some, like Njoy will use only high-quality, medical-grade. stainless steel, also called grade 316. Lower grade steel might be a grade 304. And then there’s the whole ELC designation thing (or L, for Extra Low Carbon)… Some actually went so far as to take tools to the Metal Worx toys and came back claiming “It’s plated” - meaning chrome plated steel. Personally, by Pipedream, I’ve been informed that “It isn’t the same steel as Njoy, more affordable”. It might just all be geeky and nerdy for some, but whatever the case: The toy is beautiful, non-porus, body-safe, hypoallergenic, and latex- and phthalates-free, hand buffed to a mirror-shine and with the chance of offending nerds and the geeks everywhere (I might be naïve, but until irrefutably proven otherwise, I trust the company), it’s one of the finest examples of a metal toy I’ve seen since Njoy stopped releasing new toys.

I couldn’t wait to take this one to my Other Half who was out at the time of arrival. But, most of you know me, and my love for excruciating temperature play. So I hid it in the fridge, waited, waited and *blipping* waited for evening to come along. And when my Other Half started making herself more and more noticeable - which is her usual way of declaring ‘time for sex, not NFL’ I kindly obliged, grabbed her, and off to bed we went. We’d about done our first round when I strapped her in - something that always makes her horny as all hell. I put a blindfold on her and left. I knew she be lying there getting more and more wet, thinking about what I had in mind. Nice guy that I am, I let her stew for a while…

Sneaking silently back into the bedroom, I let the slanted flat head of Slim Fave gently rest on her hood, making her gasp, arch, and groan deep from within. I believe there was an “Oh Gawd” or two escaping somewhere between her clenched teeth. She was absolutely soaked from her wait! I had a brilliant time letting the cold steel run up and down her outer lips. I made sure the flat head got well and truly lubed up in this trek back and forth from her lips and back up and around her hood – sometimes grazing her clit – and down her lips again. I would run it lightly in an icy beeline up, circling her nipples – making them just about as hard as the steel I was holding in my hands – and back again, collecting more of her wetness. I didn’t actually do this unpredictable teasing voyage that many times before I – in one fast move – went from her clit to her anus, holding it firmly in place, right there, during her sharp intake of breath and what can only be described as painful strain on her restraints. I pinched her clit between two fingers and the orgasms hit her so hard it looked almost unreal. And then she just went totally limp. ‘Le petite mort’ is such an aptly named phrase… Sometimes I can be quite jealous watching my girl have orgasms. I know mine sometimes feel utterly excruciating in its release, but I’ve never actually passed out from one.

Needless to say, my girl loves reciprocating (or should I say retaliate?). But we’ve used Slim Fave in so many ways; it’s such a versatile toy! My favorite part is probably when she’ll tease me with the ‘egg’. I love having the toy either warm or cold, she’ll then give me a nice blowjob while thrusting me slowly with the bubbles - until I plead and beg her to “Give me the bloody egg, woman!” Hehe. It’s a great toy anally because there’re so many necks - or rest stops - along the way. But that doesn’t mean it’s THE perfect anal toy, because there’s no flared base. But it’s really so long that I don’t foresee anyone just ‘losing it’ in there… Plus, the size of the bubbles, from very small and up, makes it a brilliant toy for anal beginners.

How could I not just flat out recommend this toy? It’s gorgeous, it’s simply amazing to play with, and the pleasure derived from it… The one we got is flawless, buffed to a mirror shine. No grit, scratches, discolorations, no nothing but pure awesome in a box. A box which is awesome in itself…

SheVibe, we love you for wanting our input on this new Slim Fave. One thing is certain, if the rest of these Metal Worx toys are of similar make and quality, I’ll be very happy when I have them all!

Posted on November 5, 2011 and filed under dildo, metal, pipedream.