The Redhead Bedhead Reviews The Doxy Wand Massager


Okay folks, it’s story time! On September 7th 2012 I walked out of the courthouse after my divorce hearing, boarded a Cleveland Circle-bound C line train, got off at Coolidge Corner, went directly to Good Vibrations and purchased my Hitachi Magic Wand. I fell in love with that thing. I know lots of people say that, but for me the Magic Wand was pivotal in my sexual awakening. It helped me figure out that I wasn’t broken, I had just been using the wrong kinds of toys. It helped me get to know my body and my orgasms. I became obsessed with it and given how loud that thing is and widely sound traveled in the drafty old Victorian house-converted-into-apartments I was living in, I’m pretty sure my upstairs neighbor thought I opened a woodworking shop in my bedroom. I may bounce around to other toys from time to time but when I really wanted to get the job done I would turn to my love, the Magic Wand

Jump forward two years to September 7th 2014 when I arrived home from helping the cute boy move to another city (more on that later) to find a box from my friends at SheVibe. In this box was another (giant) box holding the Doxy Wand Massager. Folks, I almost hate to say it because the Magic Wand is so representative of a particular moment in my life but, I think my heart has been stolen away.

So, what’s the deal with this toy? Well, it’s basically the UK’s answer to the Hitachi Magic Wand no longer being available over there. What’s awesome though is that it feels like this was made by someone who liked the Magic Wand but had some quibbles and decided to address them. This is the Magic Wands, younger, sexier sibling who can also do more stuff.

How does it work? Okay, so I know for some people this will automatically cost it “cool” points but the Doxy is a plug-in massager that is operated simply with 3 large and very clear buttons. One turns it on and puts it into the pulsing mode and the other two raise and lower the intensity. When you turn the Doxy Wand on it is already at about 1/2 power so if you need less vibration you need to turn it down. I like this because starting in the middle just makes more sense to me than starting from zero and making us build all the way up, but I’m a power girl myself.

Fun fact: I don’t use vibration patterns on any vibrators ever. I go for the strongest steady vibration and run with it. Also I tend to not read instructions when I get new toys- I just start frantically masturbating. So I didn’t even realize that the pulsing mode existed until I went to the website to double-check some stuff and saw it there so I had to go get the wand out and play with that mode, which is hella easy: Press the “on” button and then hold it down.

How does it feel? Read more here.


Posted on September 26, 2014 and filed under wand style vibrator, vibrator.