Redhead Bedhead Reviews L'amourose Rosa & Denia Vibrators


Brace yourselves kids, in addition to hearing about some rad new toys, you’re going to get a little anatomy lesson today too.

First, allow me to introduce two of my new closest friends:

I first heard of L’amourose after a minor tift with my friend Dangerous Lilly. She had referred to me as “easily orgasmic” causing me to go on a rant about my body being the freaking rubix cube of hard-fought orgasms. Then we internet hugged it out. A day or two later she, based on our discussion about my body’s very specific orgasmic needs she mentioned a toy I had never heard of called the the Rosa and suggested that its unique shape might do it for my body. Coincidentally, two days later the rock stars at SheVibe wrote and asked if I wanted to test the L’amourose toys and, well, here we are.

I’m reviewing both at the same time because they are extremely similar and my review is basically the same- you needn't read it twice.

So, what’s the deal with these toy? They are dual stimulation vibrators. The Denia has an arm for clitoral stimulation while the Rosa relies entirely on the base. They each have two strong rumbly motors (like I handed the Rosa to the cute boy and he said “I finally get what you all mean when you say “rumbly”) and testing the Rosa for the first time caused me to say this:

Also they are bloody gorgeous. There's so much more...


Posted on January 2, 2015 and filed under silicone, vibrator, l'amourose.