Tease For Two Reviews The PULSE II DUO by Hot Octopuss


When our friends over at SheVibe gave us the opportunity to review the Pulse II Duo, we jumped all over the chance with reckless abandon. We’ve soon numerous reviews of the Pulse II Solo, where it was hailed as one of the best male sex toys ever invented. Thing is, we’ve seen maybe two reviews of the Duo couples model, so how could we not? One of the reviews we read said that it was the best way to have sex without insertion, which peaked our interest. I’m not sure we’ve ever been so excited to review a product, which is saying something. Could the Pulse II Duo live up to the hype, we had high expectations, and I’m pretty sure this toy exceeded all of them. Yea…. It’s that good.


Product & Storage

Just in case the word “duo” throws you off, the Pulse II Duo is essentially two toys in one, built for couples play. The top, which is basically an open, winged type sleeve, is used to stimulate the penis. It utilizes oscillation sent through a little pad to stimulate the underside of the penis. It can be used flaccid or hard, static or as a stroker, with or without lube, in the shower, tub, car, sporting events or on the moon. The noise level of the top part alone is quiet enough that you probably COULD use it anywhere. To give you an idea, even in a quiet room it can just barely be heard from across the room. It absolutely cannot be heard through a closed door, either. Always a plus there!

The whole underside, however, is a separate vibrator. It’s controlled through a separate single button remote, and requires the penis stimulator to be running in or to be used. Due to the entire underside of the unit vibrating, this means if you don’t like broad coverage vibrations on your clit, this version may not be for you. Although, it is quite a nice rumbly vibration, which definitely works in its favour.

The Duo model is completely covered in silicone, usb rechargeable, oh… And waterproof! That’s right, you can pulse in the shower if you want. Try it, it’s fun. Other than that, I’m really happy to see the Pulse II Duo come with a storage bag. I think every premium toy should be rechargeable and come with a storage bag, that stuff really makes a difference. All in all is a very attractive product, very well designed and there is very little to complain about.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pulse works very well with sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction. There's more...


Posted on May 31, 2015 and filed under masturbator, silicone, vibrator, hot octopuss.