Slutty Girl Problems Reviews The Sportsheets Dual Shower Head


The box half-jokingly says “conserve water, shower together!” – but in reality, I’m not sure if THE Sportsheets Dual Shower Head really conserves water, or if you’ll be seeing a spike in your 'bill. More water comes out, but if you’re showering solo, you can put the water on two places at once, so you may be able to shower faster. If you’re showering with a partner and you’re washing more than you’re playing, dual shower heads means there’s less time switching places and trying to both stay in the water – and more time showering. Either way, dual shower heads are awesome whether you’re just enjoying a dual back massage, or enjoying some chill-free shower sex – so to me, it’s worth a couple bucks more on my bill.

The shower heads are perfect when showing with a partner, because you don’t have to trade places to keep warm and there’s plenty of water for both of you! Does it make shower sex better? Well, yes! But if you have a small shower with a curtain like me, you’ll still have the same issues as before – except now, you’ll both be wet and warmer. Personally, I love the double shower heads even when I’m showering by myself. I seem to get clean a lot faster (especially when washing my hair), and love that I can be totally under the water without getting cold. I love that I can position them exactly where I want them – and I’m seriously considering getting a handheld. Even if I never planned on using it with a partner, I’d TOTALLY get this dual shower head. It’s a fabulous accessory that’s perfect for way more than just sex in the shower. There's more...


Posted on June 8, 2014 and filed under bath & body, sportsheets, shower sex.