Slutty Girl Problems Reviews The blueMotion NEX 1 by OhMiBod


If you’ve been looking for a remote-controlled toy that can be used anywhere – from the bedroom to the bar – OhMiBod has created a toy that is sure to excite you! The OhMiBod blueMotion is a bluetooth remote controlled vibrator that fits right into your panty, contoured against your body, to deliver vibrations controlled by an app on your smart phone. Using their unique mobile app, you can control the toy from across the room, or even from across the continent (with an in-app purchase). The toy is made of body-safe materials, has a great ergonomic design, and delivers light, buzzy vibrations that are meant to tickle and tease to pleasure, rather than by earth-shatteringly orgasmic (unless light vibrations send you over the edge!). This is perfect if you’re secretly getting teased while out to dinner… as the vibrations are subtle and quiet enough to not let anyone know what’s going on (unless you moan).

Size & Design

The OhMiBod blueMotion is small hand-held vibrator that’s 3.75 inches long by 1.75 inches across. It is lightweight and curved so you can comfortably hold it, or fit it into your panty. In fact, OhMiBod includes a Size Fits Most panty with the toy, designed to perfect fit with the vibrator! It’s a blue lace thong panty that’s soft and very nice. The toy is designed with broad curves and pointed bulge designed to touch your clitrois, which means you can use it to create broad or pinpoint vibrations. The pinpoint accuracy can be used for clitoral stimulation, while the broader angles are designed to stimulate the labia. This design is also meant for “panty play” so it can wirelessly fit along your curves, either over or under a panty. Personally, it’s a good fit with my anatomy and perfectly fits inside my panty (especially those with a little pocket), granted the panty is tight enough to hold it alongside you. You don’t have to wear it with a flowy skirt or dress so nobody can see it bulging through. This toy is tiny enough that it could fit under pants, as long as they’re not super skinnies. There's more...


Posted on January 17, 2015 and filed under ohmibod, plastic, remote control, vibrator.