Slutty Girl Problems Reviews Maia Toys Vibrating Kegel Balls


The Vibrating Kegel Balls by Maia Toys is the ideal vibrating toy for beginners, especially those who want pleasurable kegel exercises. With mild vibrations that are triggered by a light sensor, this toy is sure to please if you prefer lighter vibrations. Easy to assemble, I just had to pop in a single battery and the balls were ready to use — and I didn’t let a second go to waste. Just turn the top of one ball from Off to On and you’re ready to insert. If you’re a fan of mild vibrations, this is definitely the toy for you. You could wear them to strengthen your PC muscles, or even use it as foreplay for freakier users.

The curvature of the Kegel Balls allow you to maneuver them inside of your vagina as you please. Need a different angle? Just turn the balls to vibrate near your g-spot or toward your anus. Because I wasn’t ‘wowed’ with the light vibrations, I has my partner to turn the toy as he pleased to switch up the angles and sensations for me by surprise to heighten the experience. It’s super easy to maneuver by yourself, or even with the help of your partner. The balls themselves are somewhat large, so those who aren’t used to penetration may have to warm up to get these kegel balls in. We recommend using a water based lube for insertion, and going slow for both insertion and removal. Do not use silicone based lube with these kegel balls, as they will ruin the material. The center of the toy is made out of soft, smooth silicone which is body safe and incredibly easy to clean with soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner. The outer balls of the toy are covered in a metallic coating. There's more...


Posted on May 20, 2015 and filed under kegel excerciser, silicone, maia toys.