Sleeping Dreamer Reviews The Vibratex Mr. Bendy aka The Silky

Things have been stressful lately. If you've ever gone through the dreaded car buying process than I'm sure you know exactly what kind of stress I've been dealing with. I should have written this review a week ago but so many things have stopped me from doing so. I will say, no matter what obstacles I was up against, they didn't stop me from using this fabulous toy.

This is the Mr. Bendy Softwear Skin Dildo (aka SILKY dildo) from SheVibe. It is an AWESOME dildo and I love using it... more so than my Vixskin dildo, the Lone Star. Vibratex's design of the Silky is better than any other realistic I've ever tried!

What makes Mr.Bendy (Silky) so great is that not only does it look realistic (well, besides the fact it's purple) but it feels realistic. It is a VERY plush, fleshy dildo with raised veins and a prominent ridge, it also offers a flexible *muscular* core which helps it bend- because let's face it, real penises aren't as hard as rock and don't just stick straight out, they move around and have some cushion and give to them.

The fact you can bend this up, down, to the left or right makes this a dildo that you can use however you want. Be advised, it's a little floppy. Insertion can be hard since it's such a soft, flexible material. I had to steady the dildo and position the tip right at my vaginal opening with my hands and guide it inward. I will tell you though, any work required to initially start using the dildo is well worth it. When you bend this so that the tip is facing upwards and it's curled a little in on it's self, it is incredibly effective at stimulating your g-spot. My first time using this I didn't expect an orgasm to move mountains but that's what I received. This toy is an absolute gift from the sex toy manufacturing Gods, Vibratex.

The Silky is 7" long, with an insertable length of 6", and has a circumference of 5". Needless to say- it's really, in my opinion, the PERFECT size. It's filling yet doesn't stretch me out, and it offers a deep penetration that doesn't bang against my cervix. Whenever you bend it further in on it's self, it gets a little shorter, so if you crave something short and fat- look no further!

As well as being harness compatible (I found the base too thick to fit in mine) you can hard pack with this dildo. If you enjoy packing, the Silky is supreme. When your partner grabs the crotch of your jeans or underwear, they'll swear that's a real dick they're grabbing onto. The outside, velvety texture of the Elastomer is silky smooth and is perhaps the closest material I've ever found to resemble human skin. (Elastomer feels like cyberskin but without the phthalates and porosity.) The raised veins and prominent ridge on the back of the shaft further solidify this dildo's ability to act like a real cock and the large, sculpted head truly goes above and beyond in cinching the Silky's realistic potential. I just recommend the pink color offered on, as opposed to the purple if you're going for a truly realistic adventure.

This is without question a lint magnet. The Elastomer isn't very sticky at all, it's more of a silky, matte finish- but it just has a tendency to attract every little lint and dust particle floating in the air. As you can see from the pictures below, it didn't stand a chance against my white sheets. Unfortunately, Elastomer isn't a material you can boil- instead, to clean just use soap and water or an antibacterial toy cleaner before & after use. Make sure your cleaner doesn't have alcohol in it as it may affect the material of the toy and possibly dry it out. If the idea of a toy you can't boil brings you down than cheer up because Elastomer is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants! I love me some silicone lube so the fact I can use as much as I want with this dick makes me a very happy girl.

I love my Mr. Bendy (AKA the "Silky"). In all my years of trying dildos, this has been my favorite realistic. The fact it's so reasonably priced on SheVibe's website makes it a sex toy that you have to get, if you really take your dildo collection seriously or are looking for something that will make your harness sing, the Silky will satisfy.

Posted on March 10, 2009 and filed under dildo, vibratex.