Sexologist Vixenne Reviews The Tantus Perfect Plug


I had just about resigned myself to giving up all anal play. This idea made me really sad as I used to love playing with a plug or a partner from time to time. Between gaining weight in my belly area (which affects my reach) and my butt not being happy with, or friendly to, the last couple of plugs I have reviewed, I was sad, distressed, and seriously worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the Perfect Plug to work for me.

Friends, it’s called the Perfect Plug for a reason.

Gettin’ it up there…

As I’ve said at the top, and in other reviews, reach is an issue. I’m not flexible enough to reach around the back. Depending on the position or angle, aiming towards my butt from the front of my body yields varying degrees of success.

The most successful positions that worked for me and my body and limitations turned out to be propped up, almost sitting or standing with one leg up on the side of the bathtub. 

Of course, I lubed up the Perfect Plug. I took a little bit of time just sort of running the plug across my anal opening. I started to introduce the tip, nervous that I would be let down or get frustrated. However, with very little effort, the plug practically slid in on its own. I didn’t need any warm up at all. Then again, this a rather slim toy. I would say I usually need warm up, as do most people, to prevent discomfort.

I used the plug with both water based and hybrid lubes with equally good results. I also experimented with having the Perfect Plug in with little stimulation and no erotic context, as well as in addition to a masturbation session. 

It felt great simply having the plug inside me for short periods of time. The base was super comfy and felt secure wedged between my cheeks. I didn’t really notice the bump on the shaft aside from insertion and removal, which I found to be a pleasant tease. The Perfect Plug was neither super filling, nor overwhelming, but it definitely brought my attention to my ass. Ultimately, a bit more mindfulness and awareness is something that is important when embarking on anal adventures. There's more...


Posted on July 21, 2015 and filed under anal toy, silicone, tantus.