Sexologist Vixenne Reviews The Kiki C-Vibe by PicoBong


I was interested in trying the Kiki C-Vibe by PicoBong because I thought it would be good to go “back to basics.” A simple beginners vibe, if you will, that takes a battery. Something that’s less pricey than some of the other products I have recently reviewed. My thought process around this was that not everyone can shell out beaucoups dollars on high tech, rechargeable, sex toys.

I’m trying to convey my dismay with this toy by shaking my head, but obviously you can’t see me doing that. So I’ll have to tell you more.

In my hand Kiki seemed promising. It is small and has a silky silicone finish that does feel luxurious to the touch. It’s only when I finally got to using it that it really began to annoy me. The buttons on the Kiki C-Vibe. Terrible. They are very challenging to navigate amidst the etched lettering of Picobong on the side. It looks cute, but it isn't functional. On top of that, there are a lot of settings to this thing. Navigating them with these teeny buttons so close together is nigh impossible. To make it more difficult, trying to find and press the “+” and “-” when holding it against my clit, was pretty challenging and took me out of the experience. If you are a person with reach issues, this may not be the most ideal toy for you because it is small. There's more...


Posted on May 21, 2014 and filed under silicone, vibrator, picobong.