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Everyone talks about how great Liberator Throes are – and I totally agree.

I have experienced vulval ejaculation (commonly referred to as female ejaculation, which is gender essentialist, or squirting, which just makes me think of water guns) once (since writing this, twice! But the second time not expecting it and not putting a throe down, womp womp) in my life, and the next day I emailed Sandra at SheVibe begging for a Liberator Throe. Sleeping on a wet spot wasn’t fun, and I had experienced some issues with period leakage while I slept, so it seemed like it was time to graduate to waterproof bedding for all manner of issues.

While I haven't ejaculated on it, the Throe has come in handy. Here are some reasons why:

  • The abovementioned period leaks. I sleep with the throe under me when it’s shark week, and it helps a lot.

  • It makes me feel more comfortable when I think I might squirt – I usually have it under me during most sexual activity, unless I’m feeling lazy.

  • Period Sex! No mess!

  • It’s a great stand in ‘sex towel’ when there isn’t a towel on hand.

  • It’s a great insulator! My room is super cold if it’s 60°F or below because it’s an old house with single pane windows that are poorly insulated and poorly insulated wall/ceiling. The heavy plastic in the middle helps keep heat in, and it has become part of my daily blanket pile because of this.

  • The dog thinks it’s his. He will steal it and sleep on it. It’s covered in dog hair.

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Posted on March 28, 2015 and filed under liberator.