Epiphora Reviews The Fun Factory Stronic One Thrusting Pulsator

Fun Factory Stronic One Pulsator

Reviewed by Epiphora of Hey Epiphora

There’s been a lot of pomp and hype surrounding the

Fun Factory Stronic line

: an alleged 18 months of development, a

YouTube trailer filled with innuendo and no actual facts

, a

video of people racing the toys across a table

, and a side-eye-inducing claim that 87% of women

prefer them over vibrators


Listen, bub, you’re not gonna usurp vibrators in one fell swoop.     You’re just not. But if anyone should be screaming “revolutionary!!!”, you know, for once,

Fun Factory

has actually earned it. The

Stronic Eins

feels nothing like any sex toy I’ve ever touched or put in my vagina.

Fun Factory Stronic One Pulsator
Fun Factory Stronic One Pulsator

Where vibrators have a rotational motor, the Stronic Eins is hollow-bodied and equipped with a solid metal weight that moves back and forth inside it. The movement reminds everyone of a

Shake Weight

. As another reviewer put it, the Stronic Eins “

shudders like me seeing a jelly toy

.” Prior to trying the toy, I


, “the way this thing writhes, it’s either going to be awesome - or a complete disaster.”

Well, fuck. It’s awesome.

Other toys have















rolled around

, and


, but the Stronic Eins (which Fun Factory calls a “pulsator”) is the first to use an internal weight to simulate thrusting. Previous “thrusting” toys have been either fucking machines,

frankenstein dildo-holders

, or rabbits made of dubious materials with

shafts that physically jut out and retreat

. The Stronic Eins moves to and fro, but not by extending a part of itself. Also, it doesn’t look fucking stupid. That helps...

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