Low Impact - A Review of the Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Whip

Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Whip


I’ve been collecting impact toys lately. The Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Whip, which is actually a flogger, caught my attention because of the rope material. I only had one other flogger made of rope and the quality wasn't that great. I liked the idea of a rope flogger though. SheVibe sent this one to me for review.

Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Whip
Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Whip


While the name calls it a whip, it’s really more of a flogger. Either way, it’s used for impact play. This is usually associated with BDSM activities, but that doesn't mean you can’t try it even if you’re not into the whole BDSM thing. You could try to use it on yourself, but it’s generally easier to use these types of toys with a partner.


Not much packaging to speak of, but then it’s hard to package whips and floggers in a fancy way. This one comes in a plastic wrap with a tag attached. The tag gives company info and what the toy is.


The name states that this is silk rope, but it feels like regular old rope to me. I’d assume a silk rope would feel, well, silky and this feels like a plain braided rope. It’s not scratchy, but it’s not what I would call silky by any stretch of the means.

The handle looks like it’s done in a black tape wrapped around it. It hasn't started to come off at this point, but I can imagine that in time this may be an issue.


The total length is 28″. Of this, the flogger falls are 18″ long and about 3/8″ wide each. The handle is 4.75″ long and 7/8″ wide. The loop at the end is 5.5″ long. It’s made of the same rope as the falls and is the same width.

The flogger is on the smaller side. Maybe on the small side of average. You can’t be too far away from your bottom when using this. My husband seems to prefer it this way with most things, but said that this was a bit too short for his tastes.


One end of the flogger is the rope loop. You can slip your hand in this so that during impact the flogger doesn't go flying. We've yet to have an issue with this happening, but having a loop is a nice fail safe.

Below the loop is the tape wrapped handle. As mentioned, I’m not too sure how this will hold up long term. It’s wrapped tightly, but the material will likely on hold for so long.

There are five falls to the flogger. This isn't a lot, probably the least amount on any flogger we own. This isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. It won’t cover as much area due to this, but sometimes that’s good.

The ends with knots tied about 3″ from the end of the rope. These help produce a little more impact in use. The very ends have fly aways, so the knotting helps prevent the rope from unraveling as well.


I should start by saying that at this point we’re into heavy impact. We use a lot of heavy leather floggers and he swings pretty hard. I wasn't expecting this rope flogger to come anywhere near the level that those types of floggers get to and I was correct on that.

The impact is less than what I expected it would be. Even when he was swinging with all his might, I only got a light sting. It’s definitely on the stingy side rather than the thuddy one. While I usually don’t love a lot of sting, this is light enough that it didn't bother me.

My husband said that he liked the fact that he had to swing so hard to get impact out of this, but quickly grew bored. I guess because I wasn't writhing around like I normally do during floggings. He said he felt like he was doing more, which he liked, but wasn't getting the desired end result.

The one really good thing about this is that it creates very little noise. Since we recently moved to a small, not so soundproof apartment, this has been an increasing concern of ours. Our heavy hitting floggers now wake our son, something that didn't happen in our old house. With this, we can use it to its maximum capacity without much sound at all.

I can see using this in two situations. One would be for warm up to something else and the other is when we want to do impact but our son is home.


Even though we likely won’t be using this much, I do think it’s a great beginner flogger. It’s not so long that you can get whip around issues (or at least not much of them). No matter how hard you swing, you’re not going to do too much damage. If you've experimented with some impact tools and are looking for a nice way to transition into floggers without spending a lot of money or bringing out the full force ones, this is a good choice.


My usual rule of thumb goes that I give three stars to things that didn't work for me personally but may work well for others. I’m sticking to that rule, but do want to point out that beginners will probably get a lot more out of this than we did.

Rating: 3/5  | Intensity: N/A  | Noise: N/A


Doesn't make much noise, Good starter flogger, Loop handle.


Not enough impact for advanced players, Taped handle may not last long term.

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