Plug Reviews - Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist

Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist Plugs


Another set of new releases from Tantus - the Juice, Neo, and Twist. All are anal plugs that come in purple and black. I loved the shape of the Juice and Neo, but was nervous about trying the Twist. I'm not the best with textures. My husband was on board with helping me testing that one, so you'll get two opinions on it. All three are available from SheVibe.

Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist Plugs
Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist Plugs

What It Is

Tantus makes a lot of much loved butt plugs. The Ryder is often referred to as the must have plug. They have plugs that range from beginner to seriously advanced. These three fall somewhere in the middle.

Plugs can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them during sex or masturbation to heighten the experience. You can also just wear them during daily activities. Tantus plugs are great for long term wear as the bases are normally very comfortable.

These three offer a variety of textures from smooth to heavily textured. There should be one for every preference.


All three come in standard Tantus packaging. The box is made of clear plastic, so the plugs are visible. Not the most discreet, especially when you add the wording that's on it. There's some red accents around the box. The back talks about Tantus and their premium silicone.


Tantus' specialty is silicone toys. All three of these plugs are made from premium Tantus silicone. This allows them to be sanitized between partners or between uses. You can boil them or place them in the dishwasher. A general rule of thumb is to avoid using silicone lubes with silicone, but you can always spot test if you want to use a silicone lube.

The silicone of these plugs is the same between the three. I really like this particular silicone. It's very soft and plushy. It has more give to it than some other Tantus toys I have. This softer material makes them easier to insert and more comfortable to wear.

Some Tantus toys seem to have more drag on them, but these plugs are drag free. You can glide your finger down them with no resistance. Again, this is great for easy insertion.


The size of all three is the same, so I'm just going to give one diagram and go over the sizes. Each of the plugs is 4.5" in total length. The insertable length is about 4". The diameter at the widest point of the plugs is 1.5". The circumference is 4.5". The base of each is 2.5".

Each one goes from the tip of my finger to right above the middle of my palm. The width is the same as two fingers.

The size is a bit larger than what I would recommend for someone getting a first plug. It falls just in the middle size range, neither very small nor very large. I tried these after taking a break from plugs for a while and probably would have been better off using a warm up plug the first time. After a few uses I had no problem inserting these without warm up.


The base on all three is the same, so I'm lumping them all in one section. The base is curved upward on each side. They look a little poky in the photo, but they're super comfortable. They're very flexible due to the soft silicone material. When wearing these the base didn't pinch my skin or get in the way. I usually use plugs during masturbation or sex and these didn't block access to my vagina. The comfortable base makes these ideal for long term wear.

Design, Neo

Neo is the most basic of the three plugs. It has no texture, just a smooth surface. It begins with a small point, making insertion a breeze. It gradually gets larger as you go down, with the largest part happening right below the center. It then comes back inward and then out again into the base.

Design, Juice

Juice is the middle of the road design between Neo and Twist. It's named because it looks like a juicer. It's shaped exactly the same as Neo, but with indents around it. The indents go in pretty deep. It also begins with a slim tip and then widens.

I've mentioned a thousand times that I'm no good with textures, but the Juice looked non-intimidating even to texture sensitive me. I found that the texture wasn't too intense. You can feel it when you insert it, but once it's in you don't notice it. The sensation on insertion wasn't painful for me, which is saying something. However, if you're big on textures this probably won't be satisfying.

Design, Twist

Twist is the most texture heavy of the three. It looks like a corkscrew. It's inserted like you'd think something with this design would be. You have to sort of screw it in. You can insert it without the screwing motion. When you do this the texture is much more evident. It's also more difficult to do this way.

The texture on Twist was way too much for me to handle. I found inserting and wearing this to be uncomfortable. Unlike Juice, the texture is still apparent after insertion. You can feel each of the twists even if you don't move around.


The three are similar in size and material, but there are definite differences. The big difference is the texture on each. They go from nothing to very intense. What's great about this is that you can pick according to what you like. Neo is probably best for someone just starting out with plugs looking to get a moderate size. Juice is a good option if you're unsure about using textures anally or prefer light textures. Twist will be best for those that like lots of texture or unique designs.

Plugs in Use

My favorite is Neo, followed shortly by Juice. They're pretty similar since the texture on Juice is light. If you're deciding between them, just know you really don't need both of them.

I think the best use for these is long term wear or wearing for short periods doing daily activities. The base is very comfortable and the soft silicone doesn't start to irritate me over time. I enjoyed using them during masturbation, but found them to be a bit too large for use during sex. I'm also not good with anything other than a small plug during sex. If you prefer medium sized plugs for that, it may work better for you in that regard.

The Twist is something I won't be using. It was painful for me to insert and not at all comfy to wear. Taking it out wasn't any easier than getting it in. I sorta figured I wouldn't like this one due to the texture, so I enlisted my husband to test it as well. He's better with textures than I am. Even though he has some textured plugs that he likes, he agreed with my assessment of Twist. He had less trouble inserting and removing it than I did, but said it was so uncomfortable to wear that he had to remove it after about 15 minutes. Perhaps Twist would work for someone who loves a lot of texture, but for both of us this one just didn't work.


I'd say for sure on the Juice and Neo. They're comfy, easy to insert, and a moderate size that should work for many people. Twist I'm more cautious about recommending. I'd say only if you're sure that heavy texture is your thing.

In Conclusion


Rating: 5/5  |  Intensity: N/A  |  Noise: N/A

Pros: Easy to insert, Comfortable to wear, Soft silicone, Smooth surface will work for most people.

Cons: May be too large for a first plug.


Rating: 5/5  |  Intensity: N/A  |  Noise: N/A

Pros: Comfortable to wear, Easy to insert, Light texture will be good for most.

Cons: May be too large for first plug, Texture not noticeable once inserted.


Rating: 3/5  |  Intensity: N/A  |  Noise: N/A

Pros: Will be great for texture lovers, Comfortable base.

Cons: Texture likely too much for many, Difficult to insert and remove.

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