Slip & Slide Restraint – Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraint Review

Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint


We're really into restraints at our house.  We'd both been looking at a system that would come down the body and restrain in that manner, so the Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraint was an easy pick for us.  We figured it would be a good into into these types of restraints to see if we wanted to invest in the more heavy duty ones. SheVibe sent this over to me to test out.

Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint
Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint


The Neck and Wrist Restraint is a system that attaches down the front or back of the body.  The collar attaches to the neck and then a vertical piece comes down.  This can be placed either toward the back or down the chest.  Cuffs are then attached to the D rings that are placed on the center piece.

The whole set is made of a soft material, so it's good for comfort.  While these types of restraints look more hardcore, this set could easily be used by someone who has had a little experience with bondage.


The set comes in a cardboard box.  It displays the name of the item as well as multiple photos of it in use.  It could be used for storage, though it's a bit bulky.  It's not at all discreet given the text and photos.  There's no instructions included, but the photos on the box make it easy enough to figure out.


The set is made of nylon and neoprene.  Nylon makes up the center piece and the neoprene makes up the cuffs and collar.  The nylon is thick and seems like it will hold up well over time.  It's not itchy against the skin.  Neoprene is very soft, but as I've mentioned in previous reviews, it may be an irritant to some people and there are some health risks associated with it.  For this reason I would suggest not letting the neoprene touch the skin for too long and replacing the cuffs and collar with better material if you decide you like the set.


The cuffs are 15.25" total length.  The main part of the cuff is 10" long.  The rest is a small velcro strap that holds it in place.  The width is 2".  It should fit a range of sizes.  I have small wrists (about 6" around) and these fit me with lots of room to go.

I somehow managed to lose the collar after I switched it out with another, so I don't have the measurements on that.  I know the width was around 2" or above.  I found this size to be uncomfortable to wear, thus why I switched it out.  It was so wide that it felt like it was strangling me and was digging into my skin.

The center piece is 18.5" long.  It's 2" wide.  There are four D ring sets attached to it.  These are 2.25" apart from each other.  On me the length went from my neck to mid way down my tummy.


There are two cuffs included in the kit.  However, there is only one hook for them.  Basically the way it works is that you put the center piece on and then loop the cuffs through two of the D rings.  I was thinking that since there are two D rings on each side that you would link up each cuff to one of the D rings rather than thread it through.  When we switched out the neoprene cuffs for leather ones, this is how we did it.  It works either way and you get less wiggle room when you do it with just one hook.

The collar is thick, as I've mentioned.  It threads through a loop at the top of the center piece.  I'm glad it wasn't permanently attached to the system because I found it painful to wear.  Because it loops through you can switch it out with a smaller collar if you have this problem.

The middle section is where you attach the cuffs.  You can wear this facing forward or backward.  It seems to work a little better when placed toward the back rather than the front.  When I put it in front it didn't really restrict movement much as I could lift my hands up.  The nylon material isn't stuff, so it only restricts movement down.


We tried this first facing to the back.  This is the way it seemed to work best for us as the position of my hands wouldn't allow for upward movement and the restraint wouldn't allow for downward movement.  It does shift from side to side since it's not a firm material, so I had some trouble with that.  I felt like it was sliding a lot, especially when used during sex with all the movement going on.

When we tried this facing the front neither of us were very impressed.  Because it's not firm, I could move my hands all the way up to my head.  I couldn't move them down past the middle, but we usually try to restrain upward movement more than downward movement.  It just didn't feel like it was doing much actual restraining in this position.

As I've mentioned, I found the collar just about unbearable to wear.  I switched it out after one use with the one that comes with the kit.  We also switched out the cuffs because velcro just doesn't feel all that restraining to me.  I figured that would be the case, so I'm not counting points off for that.  At this point we're mostly just using this for the center piece.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this kit.  It's a cool concept, but it's limited in the ways you can use it with actual restraint happening.  I was thinking this would be a more heavy duty kit than what it is I guess.  I think this is more geared towards a starter bondage kit than I was expecting.  I'm not sure if the more expensive versions of this design with firmer materials work better, but after using this set I'm not convinced I want to splurge to find out.


Again, I'm not really sure how I feel about this.  Given the lack of restraint it offers when used in the forward position, I feel like even those new to bondage may be left feeling like it's not enough.  However, it does work pretty well if you place the center piece against the back.  This position is hard to maintain though, so in that case it may be a bit much for someone starting out.  It does slide around though, which causes some problems.  If you're willing to go into this expecting to replace out the cuffs and collar and don't mind that it will mostly be used in the backward position, it may be worth a shot.


I'm not really sure how to rate this.  It's not a bad set, it's just doesn't perform as well as I was hoping.  I don't feel like it's terrible enough to drop it to 2 stars, but I have a hard time saying it's right in the middle either.  I'm gonna do my cop out rating in cases like these and go with 2.5/5.

Rating: 2.5/5  | Intensity: N/A  | Noise: N/A

Pros: Offers a different position for bondage, Easy to change out cuffs and collar, Works decent in backward position, Sturdy construction.

Cons: Doesn't work well in forward position, Collar is very wide, Has a slip effect in use.

Posted on December 18, 2012 and filed under bdsm, sportsheets.