The Shocking Touch - Kinklab Power Tripper Review

Kinklab Power Tripper


Ever since I got my Kinklab Neon Wand I’ve been dying to get the Power Tripper. As soon as I saw it pop up on SheVibe I had to have it. They were awesome and sent one my way. I anxiously awaiting its arrival, hoping it would be as cool as I imagined.

Kinklab Power Tripper
Kinklab Power Tripper


The Power Tripper works with the Neon Wand. It should only be used with the Kinklab Neon Wand. When attached it conducts the electricity through the body of the person wearing it. Instead of using one the attachments, you simply move your hand slightly above the other person’s body, sending a zap of electricity to them. It makes you a walking Neon Wand!

You must have the Neon Wand for this to work. It is not a stand alone product!


The Power Tripper comes in a small plastic box. The front has a paper insert showing the Tripper in use. It gives the name of the product and says it’s an attachment for the Neon Wand. This paper insert opens into the instructions in a few different languages. The back is see through minus a small paper insert at the bottom which includes more info.


I wanted to put this section first since this is a product that involves electricity. As such, it’s very important that you follow the directions to avoid getting hurt. I won’t include every bullet point that comes in the instructions, but I wanted to highlight the ones that pertain to safety.

  • Remove all metal worn next to the skin. Jewelry, piercings, watches, and clothing with metal.
  • Attach the Tripper while the Neon Wand is turned off.
  • Place the body contact flush with the skin. Any gap between you and the body contact can create feedback. It is suggested to wear it inside the waistband of underwear against your hip.
  • Turn the Neon Wand just above the on setting. If it buzzes the intensity may be too high. The Neon Wand should be kept at an absolute minimum when using the Tripper.
  • Let your fingers linger just above the skin of the person you are using it on. Do not touch your partner as this will ground the electricity.
  • Place the headset down where it won’t roll or fall. Keep the cords from the Wand and Tripper from tangling. If the body contact is pulled from your skin it could cause a painful sting.
  • Turn the Wand power all the way off before removing the body contact from the skin.


The cord is 48″ long. The body contact is 3″ long and 2″ wide. The metal part that attaches into the Wand is 2″ long and .5″ wide.

The cord gives a good range of movement, though you won’t really want to go too far with it anyhow. The body contact is just small enough to be comfortable to wear. It’s also small enough that keeping it in contact with your body is easy. This is especially important as it must remain in contact with the body at all times.


The body contact is a slim metal rectangle. This is the part that is worn by the person who will be using the Tripper. It has “ElectroErotic by Kinklab” written on it. This is placed on the outer part so you won’t feel it when wearing it. There’s a small curve to the metal which allows it to sit flush against the skin, especially if worn near the hips.

As a warning, metal tends to get cold after sitting out. Unless you like the feel of cold stuff against your body, it’s probably best to warm it in your hands first.

At the other end of the Tripper is a metal piece. This piece attaches into the Neon Wand. It’s very easy to slide in and out. Considering some of the attachments that come with the Wand are difficult to get in and out, this is a great feature.


Here you can see what the Tripper looks like when inserted into the Wand. Simply slide the Tripper attachment end into the hole at the top of the Wand. The metal should be far in, with only a small amount of it showing.


I never got around to reviewing the Neon Wand, so I wanted to take a moment to describe the feel of the Wand in case anyone doesn’t have it already. To me it feels similar to getting a tattoo minus the needle. I know that sounds weird. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you’ll know that sort of prickly feeling that comes with it. It’s basically like that only not as deep into the skin. For me it tickles, especially in sensitive areas. In some spots is more pleasurable than others, but when it gets to tickling I start squirming all over the place in giggle fits.

When my husband used the tripper on me we both had a lot of fun. Of course, he went right for my ticklish spots to be an ass! Once he moved away from those it was really awesome to feel the electricity without the glass attachments that come with the wand.

He let me use this on him for the sake of writing an accurate review. How sweet! On the other end there’s a bit of a downfall. When the electricity goes from one person to the other there is no visual like you see on the packaging or like you get with the Wand attachments. The wearer of the Tripper also can’t feel the electricity when it flows through. It’s pretty hard to tell if you’re close enough to the skin to get the shock. I ended up going based on his reactions as I was working blind with the actual Tripper. I would love if you could feel this at least a little in your fingers or see the electricity to know you’re doing it correctly. The only time you’ll feel it is if you touch the person’s skin and it grounds the electricity. This sends a quick shock to both people.

My final say is that it’s much more fun to have it used on you than being the person using it. My husband might disagree as he likes to watch me squirm. Since I don’t really get off on watching him worm around, I would have preferred to feel or see something while I was using it. On the receiving end I like this a lot more than the attachments that come with the Wand.


Overall, yes. It’s not an item that is a “can’t live without” type of thing, but it is really fun. If you have the Neon Wand it’s worth getting. There are a few things I’d change about it, but overall we had a good time messing around with it.


Rating: 4/5  | Intensity: N/A  | Noise: N/A


Unique way of using electro stimulation, Easy to use, Comfortable to wear.


No visual electric current, Wearer cannot feel when the electricity touches the receiver.

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