Very Private School Girl Costume Review

Very Private School Girl Costume - Pink


How about a costume review to get us in the mood for tricks-n-treats! I picked the Cheap Thrills Very Private School Girl costume thinking it would be a nice addition to my costumes to wear out to themed party. Being a swinger means I don’t have to wait till Halloween to wear a costume. This costume is much better suited for bedroom/private play. It is very revealing but also very comfortable.

Materials: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex | 3 Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/Extra-Large, Queen | Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, lie flat to dry

The front of the dress opens all the way down with a zipper. The picture of the costume makes it look like the zipper is silver with a black background, but the one I received had a white on white zipper. The dress comes in two pieces: the dress and the tie. The tie is really flimsy and try as I might I couldn’t really get it to tie right for me. Who cares thou, really? It is a little extra decoration, no one will notice the stupid tie when you put this on. The tie is the same material as the dress. The material doesn’t really wrinkle but it does curl, as shown in the tie here…

The collar connects in the front with a clasp. I found embarrassingly difficulty trying to work this clasp using a mirror. I know I could have made Miguel help me, but having him help me put it on takes some of the allure away from the outfit. Once I got that clasp done it was easy to zipper up the dress and slide the elastic tie over my head.

The material of this dress is pretty sheer. I could clearly see my nipples through the dress. I think this is part of the allure of this sexy piece, but it makes it unfit for public consumption. The dress is also very short. I know at 5″8″ I am tall, but really my legs give me most of my height. This dress will most likely show off your derrière, no matter how high you stand. It is made to be sexy and showing ass is sexy.

I have to say I liked the way this dress fit. If I wanted I could have pulled the dress down over most of my ass, because the material is so stretchy. It rides up right away, so I just let it be. When I pull it down it doesn’t sit right on my hips.

I doubt I will ever wear this out, but who knows? Miguel likes it enough that I will probably just wear it for him.

I should mention that this same style comes in black with red trim. If you are really worried about nipples showing through, you might want to try that color scheme instead. I thought the white looked good with the pink, the black and red is a bit naughtier looking.

The packaging for this dress was a cardboard box. It shows the model wearing it on both sides, so it is not very discreet. But it is actually pretty good for storage.

The Very Private School Girl costume is available at SheVibe .

Posted on October 31, 2012 and filed under lingerie, cheap thrills.