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They Put The "oH!" In RodeoH!

smallsxmcgee  |  Paden City, WV  |  7/30/2012 10:57 AM

Product Rating:

5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again!

Texture and material construction:

During day time wear- it doesn't stretch out much like you'd think the cotton material would. Which is good. It's very durable and pliable. It hasn't worn or stretched out during washing.

Review Details:

The RodeoH brand is fairly new to the scene. And already it's a hard one to beat! My partner and I decided I needed our first strap on a few months ago. After some researching and asking around we came across the RodeoH briefs. And I must say they are WONDERFUL. I use them for sex, and for packing during the day. The only thing that could be improved is the O ring size. It's only one size and cannot be altered. But other than that - I'm more than pleased with my harness. And I look forward to buying my next pair soon!

Highly Recommended

Newbie  | Ithaca, NY  |  3/28/2012 12:59 PM

Product Rating:

5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again!

Texture and material construction:

Very comfortable spandex/cotton combination that feels like regular briefs. It is smooth to the touch, my girl loves feeling it (See? RECOMMENDED) It is a little tight, as the other reviews said, try getting a size up. Feels very sturdy and provides appropriate give without feeling flimsy.

Review Details:

This thing is amazing. The O-ring is built and I use it with a 7.5 x 1.5 dildo; It feels completely secure, even during very *strenuous* use. It doesn't have all the weird straps and buckles that other harnesses do. It's completely comfortable and makes it feel much more real than having to tell your girl to hold on while you figure out the whole buckle system. My only complaint is that due to the tightness of the underwear to appropriately hold a piece in place, my downtown is not accessible to my girlfriend. This is easily overcome by 'taking turns' but I know simultaneous pleasure is important for a lot of people, so I wanted to mention it. Overall, I highly recommend this, it feels great, an amazing mental boost that does the job much better and easier than other harnesses.

These Will Never Come Off!

AC20  |  Albuquerque, NM  |  2/27/2012 2:58 PM

Product Rating:

5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again!

Texture and material construction:

The RodeoH harness is nice and comfy just like a pair of underwear. Cotton-spandex you cannot beat it! Since they are like a pair of underwear, there is only a thin layer between me and my partner, this makes things so much more intimate.

Review Details:

So Amazing!!! I hate the straps flapping around and the bulkiness there is with other types of harnesses. There is that uncomfortable g-string. Finally, here is something comfortable which also has the ability to be spontaneous! They can’t hold a really big dildo but for practical use it is perfect. It is easy to wash (just throw it in with your other clothes) the RodeoH harness is a must have for that naughty drawer.

Guest Blogger Featured Review - Nuts4Toys

Belle from Nuts4Toys reviews RodeoH Strap-On Underwear - 1/21/2012

I will be the first to admit that when SheVibe sent us the RodeoH Harness to review I was hoping that Jnuts would get the enjoyment out of it that he was seeking. What I did not expect was how much I enjoyed them!

The RodeoH Harness comes in a reusable, small cloth drawstring bag. This makes them easy to store in your underwear drawer, but keeps them from getting confused with your everyday undies. They also come with a dogtag, which Jnuts found to be very cool for some reason.

As a disclaimer, Jnuts and I have never used anything other than a cheap starter strap-on harness from our local sex shop. We had been looking for something that would make pegging more comfortable for both of us, and I liked the fact that these looked more like underwear and had no straps. The fit was true to size, and they were very comfortable! The harness is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

The dildo, which does not come with the harness, is inserted through the ring in the front of the harness. The material behind where the base of the dildo goes adds comfort for the wearer.

The site lists recommended toy dimensions as 5"- 6" length by 1 1/2"- 2" in width. We used 2 different dildos in this harness. One was a small one with no balls attached. The other was a moderate sized one with a full set of balls. Both were held extremely well, with no movement or shifting. I was able to penetrate him from multiple angles (behind, on his side, and him on top) with no adjustments necessary.

Clean up is a easy. Wash with your normal undies and line dry. You are set.

I highly recommend the RodeoH Harness. The comfort was amazing, it felt just like wearing a nice pair of boy shorts. It made penetrating my husband so much easier. I was able to use my hands on my husbands body, without having to hold the harness and dildo in place.

Thanks again SheVibe! The RodeoH Harness is a keeper for sure! - Belle

Jnuts Thoughts -

Wow! Let me preface this by saying that although I have been enamored with the idea of pegging, I never really cared for it. It has always been a lot of awkward fiddling around and has never really felt that great.

I was amazed with this harness. Belle was able to easily slip inside of me and actually fuck me. The RodeoH harness gave the dildo the stability to stay put hands-free. It was so much more fun now that Belle could use her hands elsewhere. Her being able to wrap her arms around me while she was buried deep inside me was electrifying.

I really like the look of this harness as well. It is a lot less intimidating (which could be good or bad depending on the goal) than a typical harness.

I am really looking forward to our next go round!

Guest Blogger Featured Review - Pixelated Toys

Pixel from Pixelated Toys reviews RodeoH Strap-On Underwear - 2/20/2012

Im a fan of strap on play, whether I am using them on a guy or girl (ah, the perks of pansexuality!), so I was really excited when offered me a chance to review the rodeoH harness!

The rodeoH harness came with an awesome microfiber drawstring storage pouch, a $5 gift certificate to, and a dogtag that has rodeoH embossed on it. I loved the bag, it is a great way to store the harness without losing it in the depths of my underwear drawer or toy bag. The dogtag was a cute idea, but mine came to me with rust already on it, which was a bit disappointing. The $5 gift certificate was a nice bonus, but I don't regularly (ever) spend $20+ on a single pair of underwear, so doubt I will be using it unless I win the lotto.

The rodeoH harness looks like a pair of guys briefs, with the exception of the wide waistband. Its made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. My pair is black with deep grey contrast piping details, but you can also get it in black and red. The front flap of the briefs is attached at the top and bottom with open sides, and it has an O-ring in the middle. The o-ring is covered with fabric, and is supposed to fit dildos up to 2 inches in diameter. (The RodeoH site suggests using sex toys that are 5-6 length by 1 1/2-2 in width.) I've been using the Tantus VIP with these, and had a bit of trouble getting it through the O-ring even though it is only 1.5 inches in diameter.

The fit of the harness was a bit tighter than I was expecting. I normally wear a size L (7) pair of panties, but ordered a size up (XL) because there didn't seem to be much stretch to these, based on other reviews I had read. Also, the measurements are for the waist, rather than the hips, which threw me for a loop while ordering. I'm really glad I went with the larger size, because the XL is actually a bit tight on me! It fits fine through the thighs, but the waistband does cut in a bit and roll if it isn't adjusted so it lies perfectly flat on my skin. SheVibe carries the rodeoH harness in sizes XS-XL, and it also comes in sizes XXL and XXXL in the red and black color option!

I really love how easily you could go from wearing this harness under your clothing to using it for more deviant purposes. It would definitely be hot to wear these under my jeans out on a date, and whisk my girlfriend off to a secluded place to have a quickie. If you have a dildo that fits the O-ring, getting the toy in the ring and ready to use takes moments, and best of all, there are no straps and buckles to fiddle with and adjust.

When I have my cock nicely settled in the O-ring, it sits higher on my groin than I am used to, which took a bit of adjusting to. I usually adjust my harness so that my toys sit right at my pubic bone so I can grind my clit against the base while I thrust. The rodeoH brief didn't give me as much stimulation that way, but I could still get a bit of clit contact when using a dildo that had a wide base or came with balls. I also had to adjust the angles I had become used to using when thrusting so they would work for my partner. Despite this modifications, I think that this harness worked really well.

My main complaint about this harness is that it leaves my genitalia sad, because there is no access to them. The rodeoH harness is tight against my skin (it has to be, so the weight of the toy doesn't pull my briefs down), so my partner pushing aside the fabric to finger or lick me just isn't happening. Putting a bullet vibe in the briefs against my clit does work, and the tightness of the shorts will hold it mostly in place, but I need penetration to orgasm 3/4th of the time, so for me its mostly just a tease.

Cleaning this harness is fairly simple. The tag says to machine or hand wash with cold water and hang or lay it flat to dry. Ive been tossing mine in the washer in a lingerie bag, and haven't noticed any snags in the stitching or the band having any issues with losing its elasticity. You will want to be careful with the types of lubes you use on your toys when you play with this harness, cause if it stains, you'll end up with marks on your rodeoH! I'd suggest staying away from silicone or oil based lubes or massage oils when you have this on and stick to water based stuff instead!

While the rodeoH harness isnt going to replace my leather one, its a great alternative for nights I want to be discrete about wearing a harness out or don't feel like fussing with buckles and straps. I give it 4 packing paws up out of 5!

Posted on October 4, 2012 and filed under rodeoh, strap-on harness.