Oh, YES - Vibratex Tulip Mini - A Review

Tulip Mini Vibrator By Vibratex


If you have a clitoris, you need this vibrator. When I received the Vibratex Tulip Mini (henceforth, the Tulip), I was expecting to enjoy it. What actually happened? I was blown away. I need to include a picture of the Tulip, because otherwise, it’s going to be very hard to explain what’s so special about this little wand-style clitoral vibrator.

Tulip Mini Vibrator By Vibratex
Tulip Mini Vibrator By Vibratex

The entire toy is only 6″ long, with those petals making up about 1.5″ of overall length. The petals themselves are made of soft, velvety, flexible silicone, and they surround a bullet coated in pink silicone in the middle of the wand’s head. The effect is pinpoint stimulation combined with fluttering petals, which in my opinion combines the two best methods of clitoral stim.

Using the Tulip is very easy. The base (which brilliantly allows the wand to stand up by itself) easily twists off, and you then load 2 AAA batteries into the compartment. The presence of a dedicated ON/OFF button is welcome – far too few toys have one. The other button allows you to cycle through 6 functions, but honestly, I only ever had to use the first 2 speeds.

While in use, I actually had to back off my orgasm a few times because I wanted to continue using the toy. This was on the first vibration mode, which is a low, steady rumble. This toy is really shockingly powerful and effective. Every time I used it, I needed about 10 minutes and settings 1-2. That’s it, and it was guaranteed bliss.

If you’re looking for an amazing clitoral vibe, or if you want to try a new combination of sensations, I highly recommend the Vibratex Tulip Mini. At $25.99 from SheVibe.com, it’s a steal. Thanks, SheVibe!

Posted on October 10, 2012 and filed under vibratex, vibrator, silicone.