Fun Factory New Wave Review

New Wave Double Dildo By Fun Factory

Reviewed by Amber St. Clare of Scarlet's Letter

The New Wave Double Dildo by Fun Factory is great solo or partner play. Made of 100% silicone, the dildo is super smooth to the touch and the matte silicone is sleek and yummy feeling. The dildo comes in either a bright pink or black color, and it’s quite long since it’s a double ended dildo, it measures to a little over a foot at 13″ inches in length. It’s safe for anal use, and the toy is waterproof and can be washed in the dishwasher, can be boiled, washed with anti-bacterial soap and water.

The toy can also be used in the shower floor or tub. If two women use the dildo, it can be used while sitting or lying down. The dildo is quite pliable and easy to bend, and isn't too firm or hard. One end has a smooth texture with a slight curve on the shaft, and the other side has a raised rippled texture along the shaft. The toy should only be used with a water-based lubricant, and water-based lubricant adds a nice amount of slip to the texture of the silicone. When used with a partner this toy offers hands-free stimulation for both partners.

New Wave Double Dildo By Fun Factory
New Wave Double Dildo By Fun Factory

One end of the dildo measures in at 1.65 inches in width at the biggest point on the head, while the more rippled end of the toy measures 1.37 wide at the widest point. The toy itself can be a bit floppy, so it’s not one that I would grab for thrusting as a solo toy, but when a partner holds one end, or the other end is inserted into a partner, you can both thrust against the toy and create a nice amount of friction and movement as each of you moves against the toy and in turn helps create movement for your partner. This toy was specifically designed for lesbian couples and it has a really fun design paired with the silicone texture makes for a really cool partner toy. The design is the first type that I've seen for a double dildo, and I like the different textures on each end of the toy.

This toy would also be used anally with a partner, because of the flared base in the middle. Two men could use the toy anally, and this dildo could also be used anally on one man while the female partner uses the other end vaginally or anally. If you plan on using this toy for both vaginal and anal play, I suggest using a condom over each end for easier cleanup, and also suggest boiling the toy for sanitation purposes.

Posted on October 12, 2012 and filed under dildo, fun factory, silicone.