Rise & Shine Vibrating Couples Ring By Bedroom Kandi - a Review

Rise & Shine Vibrating Couples Ring By Bedroom Kandi

Reviewed by Jenny of Sleeping In The Wet Spot

I finally got a chance to test out the Rise & Shine Vibrating Couples Ring by Bedroom Kandi that was provided to me by the awesome sex toy company, SheVibe. Unfortunately, I wasn't as prompt in testing this out as I had originally hoped, but unexpected things came up like aunt flow, or someone came to town, or I had to go on an impromptu backpacking trip, and last but not least, I couldn't figure out how to turn the damn thing on after charging it. At first I thought that maybe it wasn't charging since my computer showed no indication of anything attached to my ports (yes, it's a USB charging cock ring [extremely weird, I know]).

Rise & Shine Vibrating Couples Ring By Bedroom Kandi
Rise & Shine Vibrating Couples Ring By Bedroom Kandi

After a few days of trying to figure it out, which could have easily been avoided if I had read the in-depth instruction booklet. (Wow, do I feel embarrassed!) I had contacted SheVibe and let them know of my misfortune, so she decided to open one up, charge it, and couldn't figure out how to turn it on herself. She thought she had a dud too. She gets back to me through email and asks if I pushed the button down until it turned on. Why no, no I didn't. Why didn't I think to do this? I was so confused by the USB charging port that I figured it would just turn on by simply pressing the button located on the end of the bullet.

Now, obviously this is not a toy that you're going to want to have around with roommates or small children, especially if you forget that it's plugged into your computer. You will get unexpected questions and strange looks, because it screams GIANT PINK BULLET!

No, this didn't happen to me. At least not yet.

I got to try it out last night and I have to say that it is my absolute favorite vibrating couples ring. I have tried a few and none compare to this one. Most are not sitting in the right place. Let's say your partner is pressing their body against you and it's digging into your pubic bone. Yeah, it's not a pleasant experience. A lot of other ones we tried were also a bit difficult to get on. This one is made out of silicone and elastomer, which stretches to accommodate around both penis and balls of any size. The best way to describe the material that holds the bullet and your mans package, is the sticky hands toy that you smacked against the wall back in the day, except the ring is less sticky. Don't get me wrong, some foreign material will probably stick to it, like hair, lint, fuzz, but thankfully it can easily be washed off. It comes in a box with a satin inside, so you can store it there for safekeeping, but it's always good to wash or rinse it off before use anyways.

Upon turning the toy on, you hear loud vibrations, but fortunately they're not loud enough to be heard through your bedroom door. Not that I have to worry about that now anyways, since no longer have a roommate, but it may be of concern to those who do. It has 7 different pulsating settings, the first through third are generally the same, just deeper and more rumble-y vibrations. The last four are different patterns. I went through the 7 of them about 3 times trying to figure out if it was going to turn off, but eventually it struck me to hold the button down the same way I turned it on.

I only tried the first setting while having my partner inside me. I could feel his cock vibrating, like it was an actual electronic device. It was rather amusing at the time. The vibrations were not too intense, as it was the lowest setting possible, but that was okay for me because I don't like cumming instantly. I like to enjoy the moment as much as possible. Eventually I did orgasm, and I have this vibrating couples ring to thank for helping. I will probably set it to a higher setting next time just to see how intense it can actually get. I have a very sensitive clit, so this could either be good or bad.

Battery: Lithium-ion, 3.7V with 200mAH  

Charging: 2-3 hours  

User Time: Up to 3 hours

Stand-by Time: Up to 60 days 

Measurements: 2.4" long, .63" wide

Posted on September 25, 2012 and filed under cock ring, bedroom kandi.