Penetralia Number 23 - A Review

Number 23 Sculpted Wood Dildo by Penetralia

Reviewed by Epiphora of Hey Epiphora


Number 23

is not, as you might think, a psychological thriller starring Jim Carrey, but instead a wooden dildo made by


. That’s good news, since I don’t think this dildo is quite capable of handling the responsibility of being the cause of all things in the universe. It’s an okay dildo, but it’s not that good.


Penetralia Number 66

blew my mind

, so standards were high coming into this one. Like the 66, the 23 comes in an epic wooden tube that ties shut with a piece of leather. Unlike the Number 66, the Number 23′s edges are rounded and nicely curved, although you can tell the shape is slightly imperfect. The coating also isn’t as thick as on a


piece, but I’m told that has been altered due to my

previous review


Number 23 Sculpted Wood Dildo by Penetralia
Number 23 Sculpted Wood Dildo by Penetralia

The Number 23′s best end is its simple bulbed one. As bulbs tend to be, it is a good G-spotter. But the ridged end suffers from a syndrome that I



too often

: because of the shape, it forces me to push down on the non-inserted part in order to truly enjoy the inserted part. So when I use the ridged end, I have to scootch to edge of my desk chair and slump backward to get the job done. Not good for my posture, I would think. Plus I just like sitting up straight when I masturbate. Which is weird maybe, but anyway…

I feel like I could take advantage of that interesting ridge if I could thrust or rock the toy, but I can’t, because of the aforementioned issue and also because the toy likes to lodge itself behind my pubic bone. Both ends do that. It’s a very… stationary toy.

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