Sasha Grey Signature Plug by Doc Johnson – Butt Plug Review

Sasha Grey Signature Plug Large

Reviewed by Beneath The Bed

Sasha Grey Signature Plug is a toy that looks and feels exquisite. While the large size maybe a challenge to even the most advanced, the medium butt plug should be a good fit for the majority of anal-play connoisseurs.

Sasha Grey Signature Plug

Sasha Grey Signature Plug is a butt plug part of the Sasha Grey collection by Doc Johnson. It comes in in three sizes: large, medium and small. The availability of different sizes ensures that no matter what your experience level — from those starting out in anal play to the size-queens out there — there is a version of the Sasha Grey signature plug that will fit right in your toy collection. For the sake of brevity this review will address the salient features of both the large and medium plugs (these are the two that we own).

Sasha Grey Signature Plug Large
Sasha Grey Signature Plug Large

Sasha Grey Signature Plug Material

The plug is made from a dark-black-glossy borosillicate glass. It is extremely smooth and both our medium and large sizes came without any blemishes or scratches. As it’s made of glass, its cold to touch but can be easily warmed by running in under hot/warm water for a few seconds. Those who enjoy temperature play can also cool it down by running cold water over it for a bit. I would highly advise against leaving it in the freezer for this purpose - no one enjoys freezer burns. Especially in such a delicate and private area!

Borosillicate glass is extremely safe and non-porous and can be easily cleaned by washing with soap or for the really paranoid - by boiling it in hot water for a couple of minutes. But as always be very careful when taking it out as this plug retains temperature extremely well and will be pretty hot by that point.

There are two features of borosillicate/Pyrex glass that we personally really like. While it is as safe as silicone, it has the added advantage of being able to utilize any form of lube. Whether your lube is oil, silicone or water based; it doesn’t matter as they all will work extremely well and a little will actually go a long way due to the extremely smooth nature of this plug!

The other fact that we really like is that, while silicone is odorless, it does retain a certain amount of smell for a little bit. That is not a problem with this plug. A quick clean and it looks and smells brand new. No one will know the dark secrets of this plug if they were to accidentally find it somewhere (of course the shape will kind of give it away…but still!).

Sasha Grey Signature Plug Design

The Sasha Grey Signature Plug is a very elegant butt plug with the classic heavy glass feel. Both the Sasha Grey Signature Large and Medium plug have a similar conical head shape to the Doc Johnson’s Sexy Spades design. While the shape may be the same between the Large and the Medium plugs, note that there is a sizable difference between the two. The widest part of the Large is a hefty 7.25″ in circumference and is definitely a plug for the more advanced user. The widest part of the Medium is 6.25″ in circumference. The additional inch in circumference makes a big difference between the size of the two heads. However, the shape of the heads are rounded and tapered gradually for easier anal insertion.

Once inside, the long neck is long enough to allow for some movement for anal thrusting and can act as a handle for insertion and removal. The neck also has some slight texture to stimulate the anus once inside. The round, flat base fits comfortably against the anus and provides an excellent stand when storing the plug.

Sasha Grey Signature Plug Experience

Adequate prep time is a must for either sized plug. The neck and base provide a comfortable grip to slowly coax the anus open with the plug. The Sasha Grey plug provides a unique experience for a butt plug. While other butt plugs, such as the A-Bomb and Severin by Tantus, tend to stick in one spot, the longer neck of the Sasha Grey Plug provides enough length for it to slide in and out slightly when you move — thus increasing the anal stimulation experience.

The heavy glass weight of the large body presses nicely against your inner anal muscles, making you feel truly filled up. Even when walking the plug remains secure and after some practice, can be used for long-term wearing.

Our initial experience with the large plug was very similar to the one with the A-Bomb - meaning I immediately chickened out and L had her reservations about it. But after some coaxing (AKA pleading) she agreed to give it a try. Our first attempt without any proper warm up with smaller toys soon resulted in L getting frustrated and putting away the plug for the night. Actually “frustrated” is being nice - lets just say your partner will not appreciate you rushing things with the large plug. As the plug doesn’t have any give, and relatively quickly tapers off to its widest point, you’re going to cause a lot of pain (and possible injury) if you don’t take your time with it.

Having learned this lesson, we tried again a couple of days later. This time we opted to go in with a game plan and started off with the medium plug. This one might be still too big for beginners, but those with some anal play under their belt should be easily able to accommodate it. Only after sometime of helping her relax and getting used to the medium plug did we proceed with its larger mate. I would be lying if I said that L was able to take in the larger one easily now — there was still plenty of “Ow” and “slow down!”, but eventually we did conquer the largest plug. Though by the end of the first successful session, L looked like she had just been through hell and back.

Now this is not necessarily a negative. It’s just her first time with something this wide and without any give was intense. Both when it came to getting it in and then having sex with it inside. Now with more experience under the belt, the entry portion has gotten a lot easier and smoother. Thankfully though the pleasure of having it in is still as deep as it was initially for her. While the large plug is something we don’t bring out all the time, it’s still a great butt plug to have available for those days when we have plenty of time and are looking for a more intense session!

Bottom Line

The Sasha Grey Signature Plug is a toy that looks and feels exquisite. While the large size maybe a challenge to even the most advanced, the medium butt plug should be a good fit for the majority of anal-play connoisseurs.

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