Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus Silicone - A Review

Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus Silicone


Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus makes an excellent purchase whether you’re a newbie in the world of cock rings or an advanced user. Everyone will be able to find some use for it no matter what their penis size is or the type of constriction they desire. It is especially a great investment for those who are not sure about whether they will enjoy cock rings or not - for a price less than two cups of Starbucks coffee it makes a worthy purchase to find out! So stop thinking about it and buy the Super Soft C-Ring right away!

Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus Silicone
Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus Silicone

I like to view myself as a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to cock rings. Though this wasn’t always the case. For the longest of time I viewed them with disdain and assumed that they were the respite of those suffering from some sort of erectile dysfunction. It was only after many years of jealously watching L get newer and fancier toys that I decided to give cock rings a try. I figured that given their general price range I really didn’t have much to lose.

Hence began my long and wonderful discovery in the quest to find the perfect choker for my member!

Initially starting with cheap rubber rings, to more interesting ones made from metals and silicone, I have found that each material has something to offer. Whatever material you decide to go for will depend on the type of experience you are seeking.

Personally I tend to stick with silicone and metal ones for now. This is primarily due to safety and maintenance reasons. Both materials are extremely safe (and can be shared after a quick cleaning/bleaching/boiling) and will last a lifetime if not abused too much!

However, the biggest problem with these two materials is that you have to make sure you get the correct size as they have no give, in the case of metal cock rings, or very little give in the case of silicone ones. This is one area where rings made out of rubber or jelly material have a clear advantage.

Thankfully though the folks at Tantus have found a solution to this little conundrum of mine and created the Super Soft C-Ring.

Super Soft C-Ring Use

For those who are unfamiliar (or think the way I used to), cock rings are used for many other purposes besides helping those who might have trouble maintaining or achieving an erection. One of the most important function they serve is increasing the firmness of the penis and hence its vascularity. What this means is that not only will your cock look and feel bigger and meatier, you will also exhibit engorged veins. Now this might be a personal preference but L and I both agree that we prefer the blood engorged version of my penis more. I don’t know how to describe it, but there is something very powerful and addicting when your cock looks like it can take on the world and emerge victorious! Perhaps we might be the shallow type, but I think feeling sexier and more desirable usually results in better performance in the sack.

The second purpose the Super Soft C-Ring serves is that it increases the sensitivity of the penis. I like to think of it in these simple terms: since the penis is more engorged, and has more blood trapped in it, there is even more surface areas of those sensitive nerve endings. Every small touch is amplified, even a gentle almost-not-there caress can feel incredible!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, cock rings help in delaying orgasm. This might sound counter-intuitive to what I wrote above about increased sensitivity, but despite that you will last longer - of course its entirely possible that some might actually orgasm faster, but most men should find my experience comparable. By putting pressure around the shaft and restricting blood flow, the cock ring prolongs and delay orgasm by a significant amount. In fact it’s quite possible that you might have to remove the ring before you cum! (more on this in the safety section).

Super Soft C-Ring’s Material and Design

Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus is made from silicone, which is an extremely safe material. Due to its non-porous nature, silicone can be easily shared as long as you clean it properly. A quick 3-minute boil or a run in the dishwasher will fully disinfect it and get it ready for the next session or partner.

Now one important distinction that needs to be made between the Super Soft C-Ring and other silicone cock rings is that this ring actually has a lot of give and can easily be stretched enough to accommodate almost all size of penis and balls. From the smallest to those with the most gifted of members will be easily able to use this cock ring.

This ring is completely smooth except for a seam line running around it. Thankfully though this seam cannot be felt and does affect the use of this toy.

The Super Soft C-Ring is around 1.5″ in diameter un-stretched and expands to around 4″ when stretched open. What this means is that it will work equally well whether you have an average, below average or above-average sized penis. Also because it’s stretchy, it can be used in various different ways, depending on the amount of constriction that you desire.

One method is to simply wear the Super Soft C-Ring around the base of the shaft. As long as you have an average-sized penis, it will provide enough compression to give you decent vascularity and increase in girth.

The second way is to wear the Super Soft C-Ring around the base and behind the testicles. Not only does this increase the tightness of the ring, due to the increased stretch, but also pushes the testicles a little forward - though not in a painful way, so don’t worry. Since the balls tend to retract slightly during ejaculation, this ring prevents that to a certain degree and increases the intensity of the orgasm. Personally this is the method I utilize the most when using this ring.

The third and last way to use the Super Soft C-Ring is simply around the the testicles. Though as they ring is not very wide, this doesn’t provide the kind of stretch some people might be looking for, though it does increase the tightness of the scrotum around the testicles.

Personally I use the second method most of the time. However, I like to mix things up once in a while by wearing one C-Ring around the base and another on wrapper around the testicles (Yes I bought more than one Super Soft C-Ring - In fact I bought all 3 in the different colors!).

Super Soft C-Ring Packaging

Tantus packages the Super Soft C-Ring in a simple but tasteful round plastic container which is also very easy to open. The container can be kept and utilized for storage, though personally I prefer ziplock bags as they take less space in our toy chest. The packaging does not contain any graphic images and is, if I say so myself, elegant in a simple manner.

Safely Playing with the C-Ring and Maintenance

While this cock ring doesn’t suffer from the type of safety risks that metal ones do - namely getting the cock ring stuck on your penis and having to make a painful and embarrassing trip to your local emergency room. It is still important to follow certain guidelines.

1. If you feel like you junk has gone numb and you can’t feel anything, then immediately remove the ring. If for some reason you can’t simply stretch the ring enough to take it off (assuming you’re one of those “hung like a horse types”) then simply cut it off with a pair of scissors. Under no situation should you try anything else. This should go without say, but your penis is more important than any cock ring!

2. Try to limit the use of this ring to around 20-30 mins. Any longer and you might cause permanent damage to your penis - and no one wants that! Limiting to this time frame doesn’t mean you need to limit your love making to 20 minute time slots. Simply remove the ring for a while and you can come back to it after a little while. This is one reason why this Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus has become one of my favorites, since its stretchy it can be easily removed despite any throbbing erections and can be put on again while still erect. Other rings and material require one to be flaccid to do either. Not this one!

While it’s not necessary to use any special methods for storing this ring, it’s still a good idea. For one thing silicone attracts dust and lint like nobodies business and storing it in a ziplock back or something similar will save you the hassle of giving it a quick rinse before every use. Secondly silicone toys need to be kept away from each other as they well “melt” onto each other. This might damage the toy to the extent where it’s unusable, or the very least make it look bad aesthetically.

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