Review - LELO Lyla 2

Lelo Lyla 2

Reviewed by Amber St. Clare of Scarlet's Letter

LELO Lyla 2 is here! So far I’ve had great things to say about LELO’s new updated SenseMotion toys, the Design Edition of the Lyla 2 is similar to the first edition in look, but it performs very nicely compared to the first edition. If you were thinking of getting the LELO Lyla a few months ago, but were hesitant, the new Lyla might be worth the purchase now! Lyla 2 comes in the new Design Edition box, the signature black LELO gift box, and comes with the Insignia brooch. It also comes with a sample pack of LELO lube, a user manual, a limited 1 year warranty, remote contol, remote key, charger and satin storage pouch. This little egg vibe is super cute! It’s lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand.

Lyla 2, like the first Lyla design, is an egg shaped toy with a slightly tapered tip. The body of the toy is made of smooth matte silicone, and the end of the toy is a silver metallic ABS plastic with a black removal cord. The silver colored endcap can be twisted off to uncover the charging port. Simply plug the charger into Lyla’s port and allow it to fully charge. Once charged, twist the cap back on, and it creates a seal to make the toy fully waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower! Lyla 2 is easy to clean, and cleans up nicely with anti-bacterial soap and water, or a sex toy cleanser. Wipe the toy dry with a lint-free cloth. Lyla 2 should only be used with water-based lubricants. This toy can be used both externally as a clit vibe, or internally for vaginal stimulation, with the black cord as a finger-loop for easy removal. You can use this toy with a partner, or a fun solo toy.

Lelo Lyla 2
Lelo Lyla 2

I like the shape and size of Lyla 2. One of my favorite new features is that the toy now works without the remote! You can power Lyla up to vibrate on it’s own, without having to use the remote. The remote control also had an upgrade and now offers up to 3x more wireless connection, and I’m happy to say that the wireless connection in this updated toy seems to work much better than the previous model which sometime would loose wireless connection with the vibe. The vibe itself also offers 50% more power in it’s motor. To use the toy with the remote, simply insert batteries into the remote and you’re ready to go. Power the remote on, power Lyla 2 on, allow them to make a wireless connection, and then you can control the toy in SenseMotion mode, which allows the toy to vibrate with a flick of the wrist. This features works best with a partner. You can also use the toy in Solo mode, and allow the toy to vibrate without the remote. The remote comes with a small plastic key, to slide into the slot on the remote to open the battery compartment up. I often open it up without the key though, just by grasping the silver ABS plastic backing of the remote and twisting open. The front of the remote is made of soft matte silicone, just like the Lyla, and it’s seamless so the buttons are protected from getting wet The buttons are easy to press, and include both a +/- button as well as the Insignia logo button.

LELO toys aren’t the most powerful on the market, but that isn’t why I like them. I like the LELO line of toys because I like their vibrations, they seem to resonate deeply for me. The rumbly motor in the Lyla matches the power of the other two new SenseMotion upgrades, and the vibration is enough to bring me to orgasm. The motor is also whisper quiet, and makes the toy quite discreet to use, which is another feature that comes in handy when you have roommates, or when traveling. The toy is discreet looking also, and almost looks like a USB port so it’s easy to store on a dresser or desktop for easy storage. Lyla 2 can fit nicely between your inner labia for clitoral stimulation, and because the vibe is so small it can be held against your clit during sex with a partner. Lyla 2 can be inserted vaginally and then you can use another toy on your clit, or have your partner give you oral sex while the Lyla simulates you internally. Please do not use the Lyla 2 anally. There is no flared base, and the little retrieval cord isn’t very long, so it would be far too hard to remove the toy from your ass…say it with my folks: keep it away from of your ass. 

I love that the LELO Lyla 2 remote keeps the wireless connection, that was one of my only problems with the last model of the toy. This remote control works as it should, and the little bit of added power offers a nice touch. The toy’s user control buttons works like the previous model, and the toy also still has 8 different vibration patterns that range from a rumbly vibration, to a pulsing vibe, to a more thumping vibe. Browsing through the vibration settings is quite easy, and the buttons works well even when your fingers are wet with lube. This toy also adds a fun flair for couples to use while out and about. If you’re at a club or dancing with your partner, he/she could control the vibration with the remote, while you have the Lyla 2 inside of your panties or inserted vaginally. Fun! You can get the new LELO Lyla 2 at SheVibe! SheVibe also offers fast and free shipping!

Posted on August 21, 2012 and filed under lelo, silicone, vibrator.