O2 Revolution by Tantus - A Review

Tantus O2 Revolution Dildo


O2 Revolution belongs in everyone’s collection, especially those who are looking for a more “filling” experience. The material is soft and pliable, while at the same time the dildo has enough firmness to make it easy to use for thrusting. Add in the safety and easy upkeep due to the silicone material and you’ve got a winner in the O2 Revolution!

O2 Revolution, like all other toys by Tantus — that we’ve had the pleasure of trying — maintains the excellence in quality that has become synonymous with the company.

O2 is part of Tantus’s line of dual-density dildos. Each dildo in this series has a firm silicone core with a super-soft exterior. It feels extremely lifelike and has the added advantage of being extremely safe.  But we’ll get to more details about that in a minute.

O2 Revolution is available in three colors, blue, pink and purple. We went for the pink one, partially because we wanted a little variety in our dildo collection and secondly since that was the only one not still sold out! No regrets though, it sticks out quite clearly in its Ziploc storage bag!

Tantus O2 Revolution Dildo
Tantus O2 Revolution Dildo

O2 Revolution Material

 As mentioned before, the soft outer layer is made of ”Tantus’s unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone”. What this translates into real life is an extremely soft and almost squishy material, which feels awesome and is quite lifelike. The head is where you will find the most of this material, resulting in a very soft and pliable point of insertion. As you travel down the shaft of the dildo, the softness decreases slightly and the shaft becomes firmer. Not to the point of becoming completely hard or anything, just firmer in comparison the head.

Since the Revolution is made from silicone, it is extremely safe and non-porous. This makes it a toy which is easy to maintain and can be quickly shared with your partner(s) after giving it a quick clean by boiling or bleaching it. Of course anyone familiar with silicone toys will know that the material will attract lint and dust like anything and hence should be stored in a Ziploc bag or something similar. Also it is always a good idea to make sure when storing silicone toys that they are not in contact with other silicone items as this can cause them to “melt” and become damaged.

It goes without saying that silicone or oil based lubes should not be used with this toy as they may damage the toy. Stick with water-based lube and everything should be good. Speaking of which, lube is highly recommended in the use of the O2 Revolution as the material has a certain amount of drag to it.

O2 Revolution Design

 O2 Revolution is 7.25” in length and has a diameter of 1.75” (5.5” circumference). While this dildo would be classified as an unrealistic looking toy, it does have certain lifelike qualities to it. The head is the part that most closely resembles a real penis. It is bulbous shaped and has small dip, which is supposed to resemble a urethral opening. The shaft has raised veins running down it. Some people have mentioned that they can feel these while thrusting, however both L and I did not really notice them in either vaginal or anal play. Also the shaft tapers down as you head towards the base — meaning the Revolution is the widest at the point of entry and becomes slightly thinner as you take it in deeper. Though due to the softness of the head the size of the head should not be a point of concern for most who have had some experience with penis’s (real or fake) of a slightly above-average size. Those who are new and would like something thinner, should take a look at the O2 Flurry, which retains all of Revolution's great qualities — only in a thinner package.

O2 Revolution has a flared base, which is O-ring harness compatible and can also be easily used with sex furniture such as the Liberator BonBon or the Wing. Personally we really like the fact that the base is flat and relatively small, this made it fairly easy to use with our Minx Harness. Also we have found that toys such as the Vixskin Bandit (which we also love) tend to be slightly problematic to use when inserting into sex-toy furniture items, like the BonBon, as the extra bulge made by the fake testicles creates a very tight fit in the toy holder opening. We didn’t have any of those problems with the O2 Revolution. In fact it has completely replaced the Bandit as far the BonBon is concerned — though he still gets ample use in Harness play and other situations!

The Revolution is a relatively straight dildo and those looking for something curvier for g-spot or prostate stimulation might be slightly disappointed. Though given the size of the head and the flexibility of the dildo, I think both those goals should be easily achievable with slight work. Because the dildo can be bent by a significant amount it is easily to work into whatever you’re trying to stimulate - also the flexibility makes it easy to use at different angles in solo play.

O2 Revolution Experience

 Both L and I are big fans of double penetration and try to work it as often as we can, especially when trying out new toys. However we are often disappointed, as very few dildos have actually worked really well in this endeavor. Personally so far our favorites for this purpose are the Bandit, Johnny and now the O2 Revolution.

Often what happens is that the dildo is very rigid and does not have any give in material or shape, hence making it painful for L when I enter her from any angle other than the perfect optimal one. As you can imagine that’s not something we like to have to worry about while having sex. This is what makes the O2 Revolution awesome in my opinion. As the material is squishy and the toy bends easily, it was very easy for L to accommodate both the dildo and me. We did not have a single “ouch” moment when a change in positions results in the toy pressing painfully on a sensitive spot.

We started off with the L riding Revolution on top of the BonBon, while I warmed her up with my fingers for some anal play. Once she was ready I slowly inserted myself anally and found that the dildo had enough give in it to allow me to insert myself without causing any pain or discomfort to her. Don’t get me wrong, L definitely felt full and pushed to her limits, but as she warmed and loosed up, she was able to gyrate back and forth with ease and little worry. In the past when we attempted similar things with glass or steel dildos we often found that the initial entry would be jarring enough that we would have to give-up on the plans or spend a significant amount of other toys for warm up. With Revolution it usually a pretty smooth voyage!

Bottom Line

O2 Revolution belongs in everyone’s collection, especially those who are looking for a more “filling” experience. The material is soft and pliable, while at the same time the dildo has enough firmness to make it easy to use for thrusting. Add in the safety and easy upkeep due to the silicone material and you’ve got a winner in the O2 Revolution!

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