Geisha Anal Plug With Geisha Ball by Marc Dorcel - A Review

Geisha Anal Plug With Geisha Ball by Marc Dorcel

Reviewed by Kira of Kira's Kink

Rumble in the Rear - One of the most fun things for me is wearing Kegel beads out and about. I love how I can feel the beads roll around inside of me when I move. Dorcel’s Geisha Plug operates on the same concept. Instead of beads rolling around inside the vaginal, this one has a bead that rolls around in the butt. Finally, an answer to the dilemma of not being able to use Kegel beads anally! SheVibe was kind enough to send the Geisha Plug out to me for testing.


If you’ve ever played with the LELO Luna Beads, think of this as a similar concept. It’s a butt plug with a small bead in the middle which can be felt when you move around. It adds an extra sensation to just wearing a plain plug around.

Butt plugs can be used for a number of things. You can wear them during sex for added stimulation, during masturbation for the same reason, or just around while doing your regular activities. They can even be used as a vaginal plug if you don’t want to use it anally.


The Dorcel Geisha Plug comes in a very small package, which is good from the standpoint of not have excess waste come from it. It’s a small piece of thick paper that has the plug attached via a plastic bubble. This bubble inserts into the paper which makes it a little hard to open without destroying the packaging. In between the two layers of the paper packaging is an instruction manual written in a gazillion languages. The back of the package has a small section of information about Dorcel and the plug, again in a gazillion languages.


The plug is made from silicone. Silicone is a body safe material which is easy to care for and clean. You can read more about it by clicking the link. I’m not entirely sure what the inner ball is made from, so I’m not sure if boiling this would be safe. I think you should be okay if you keep it to three minutes, but I haven’t tested it out.

Geisha Plug Seam - The silicone of the plug is very soft. It has hardly any drag to it. There are a few quirks to the material, however. The first is that it seems loose. I assume the silicone layer is wrapped around a harder shell, since the plug has no give to it. If you pinch the silicone, it comes up from the harder inner shell. Even when you just rub your fingers along it you can feel how the silicone isn’t attached to the harder inner core.

The second thing with the material is that there is a seam that runs down the bottom of the plug. The seam is raised enough so that you can feel it when you insert or remove the plug. Once it’s in I didn’t notice it, but it made insertion and removal slightly painful. Note to manufacturers: if it’s going in the butt, seams are not cool!


The Geisha Plug is a smaller sized, but not itty bitty, plug. It is 3.5″ in total length. Of that 3″ is insertable. Near the tip is .75″ in diameter. The widest point is 1 3/8″ in diameter and 4.25″ in circumference. The stem is 3/8″ in diameter. The base is 1 3/8″ across. Notice the abundance of 3/8″ measurements? I don’t see that too often. Kinda makes me wonder if someone is a fraction geek over at Dorcel.

Geisha Plug in Hand - If held to my middle finger the plug doesn’t stretch the length of it. It looks very tiny in my hand, though perhaps this is due to me looking at the larger plugs I have too often.

The size of the Geisha Plug may be just a hair too large for a first plug. I’d imagine that it would make a pretty good second one. Because the stem is so thin, you don’t get a lot of pressure at the anal opening. This is another good thing for those that are newer to plugs. For those that prefer a stretched feeling when wearing a plug, this won’t do the trick.


When looking at the Geisha Plug, I’m reminded of an egg on a stick. The plug portion is oval shaped but elongated out so that it looks like a very small egg. It tapers from the top down. The only difference between an egg and the plug is that it doesn’t taper back again at the end. Instead it rounds off and jumps to the stem of the plug.

There’s a big jump in size from the end of the plug portion to the stem. This is pretty apparent when inserting it. You can feel the size change. At the end of the stem is a small base. I always get nervous with small bases, but I had no issues with this deciding to suck inside of me during wear.

Of course, what makes the Geisha Plug special isn’t what it looks like on the outside. It’s the small ball on the inside that separates this plug from others. All you have to do is roll the plug in your hand and you’ll feel the little ball start to move around inside. I kinda debated cutting the plug open to show you guys the ball inside, but I decided that I wasn’t willing to ruin the plug for the review. Sorry!


I was super excited to try this plug out. The idea of having the little ball’s motion be detected sounded right up my alley. Then when I saw the seam I was a little concerned. I’m pretty sensitive, especially with anal toys. Sure enough, upon insertion I could feel the seam. When inserting it wasn’t awful, but removing it I could feel it much more. Oddly enough, when it was inserted I couldn’t feel it at all. Just during insertion and removal. The bad thing is that on removal it was borderline painful, which makes me hesitate to play with this plug.

After getting past the insertion and removal, I do like the plug. It’s a ton of fun to walk around and feel the ball roll around. It’s a different feeling than I get with the Luna Beads, but of course that probably has to do with the fact that it’s not in my vagina. In essence it’s the same feeling, but moving the sensation to a different part of the anatomy makes a bigger difference than I thought. The first few steps I took I couldn’t really feel it, but every step after that I found the rolling ball to be very noticeable. Even more so than with the Luna Beads. While with those I have to walk hard or create large movements, the Geisha Plug could be felt even with my lighter steps. I guess I should qualify that by saying I walk pretty hard, so my “light” steps are probably still “hard” steps by most accounts.

The only downside to the Geisha Plug once it’s in is that it is super loud. Like, louder than the Luna Mini Beads. In case you don’t have those, you can hear them as you walk around. The Geisha Plug is so loud I feel like people many feet away would be able to hear it. As such, I’d really only recommend wearing it in privacy or around people you don’t mind wondering why there’s a bouncy ball noise coming from your ass. I don’t really wear plugs out like I do Kegel beads, so while the noise is a bit distracting for me, it’s not a deal breaker.

The small base makes for comfortable long term wear. Even when I’m sitting I can hardly feel the base. It doesn’t poke at my butt cheeks and cause me to have to readjust myself every few seconds.


If you buy the Geisha Plug will come down to a few different things. The most important factor is how sensitive you are. The seam isn’t huge, but it’s enough to cause discomfort if you’re on the sensitive side. Bear in mind this is your ass we’re talking about, not a less sensitive area of the body. I know some people like textures and things like that though, and I’m guessing that if you can handle lots of texture anally then the seam on this probably won’t be a big deal. If you’re super sensitive like I am, the feeling during inserting and removing the plug may make it unusable.

The second thing is if you plan on wearing it out of the house. If so, you’ll need to be prepared for anyone in hearing range to notice the clicking noise and potentially ask what the heck it is. If you’re good at coming up with believable stories (I’m not!) then perhaps you can pull it off.


I’m kinda unsure of how I want to rate the Geisha Plug. On one hand, I really like how fun it is to wear. On the other hand, I hardly ever want to use it due to the ow factor of getting it in and out. After going back and forth between 3 and 4 stars, I’m gonna take my usual cheat and go with 3.5. It really is a good plug, but whoever decided that a seam would be good on an anal toy needs a talking to.

Rating: 3.5/5 | Intensity: N/A | Noise: N/A

Pros: Fun to wear, Soft silicone, Good size for a range of users, Comfortable base.

Cons: Noisy, Seam in silicone makes it range from uncomfortable to painful to put in and take out.

Posted on August 21, 2012 and filed under anal toy, silicone, marc dorcel.