Elegant Moments Open Bust Leather Corset With Zipper Front: A Review

Elegant Moments Open Bust Leather Corset With Zipper Front


I’ve needed some new lingerie in my collection lately. Well, not needed…wanted. I checked out the selection at several retailers and finally found something that fit my needs, the Elegant Moments Open Bust Leather Corset with Zipper Front. I didn’t want just another stretchy cloth outfit that is pretty but doesn’t support or do anything to make me look different. Corsets were definitely high on my list and my collection is seriously lacking in leather. Once again, it is SheVibe.com to the rescue! They have such a great selection of products in all areas (toys, movies, lingerie, etc.) and even have a wide selection of sizes.

Elegant Moments Open Bust Leather Corset With Zipper Front
Elegant Moments Open Bust Leather Corset With Zipper Front

So, I picked this lovely leather number which meets the corset and leather requirement.  When I got the box, I opened it and was immediately hit with a blast of leather aroma.  I was pretty excited to get it out and try it on.  This corset comes with detachable garters and a matching leather thong that are attached to the corset by a plastic ring (like tags at a store are on).  The thong itself is only leather on the front triangle, all of the straps including the one that runs between the legs is black elastic that is half an inch in width.  The garters are in a plastic ziploc bag so they won’t get lost.  They attach to the corset with plastic garter hooks that slide through black cloth loops on the bottom of the corset.

The corset itself is smooth leather on the outside and matte leathery on the inside.  The triangles that the breasts go through are made of leather and have silver o-rings to connect them and snaps to make the adjustable.  There are two snaps on each end of the shoulder strap and two at the o-rings where the ‘cup’ attaches to the corset.  So really, you could make this a strapless, cupless corset.  Its two corsets in one!

The zipper measures approximately 13.5 inches long with the longest part of the corset measuring 16.5 inches. The boning feels like flexible plastic boning, so it isn’t as strict as steel boning would be, but it does help shape some. The laces in the back are black braided shoe string type laces with silver metal tips. Laying on the bed by itself, the laces don’t look very impressive, but once on I feel like they look better. They certainly hold well. There are silver rings for the laces to go through so that there is no strain put on the fabric.

Putting this on the first time was a bit of a marathon. I didn’t have anyone to adjust the strings for me, so I put it on and took it off like 5 times to get it adjusted. If you do have someone handy, it will make it quicker…but you also might want to surprise your partner so…keep in mind that you’ll need some time to get it adjusted. Preferably not right before you’re going to play so they aren’t waiting on you. Once I got the laces adjust properly and was all zipped up, this felt great. I love the feel of the leather against my skin and how this corset made my posture different. It made me feel sexy and powerful. The thong is easy to put on as are the garters, though I always have trouble hooking garters to hose once they’re on. Maybe there’s a secret I don’t know?

I have large breasts, DD-G depending on the bra and weight fluctuations. That’s one reason I prefer cupless lingerie since most lingerie is cut for smaller breasts, but also it is just visually appealing. I had no problem slipping my breasts through the triangles on this corset without changing the snap settings. I love that it is an option to though. Especially if you have a bit smaller breasts, you can make this fit a bit better. This corset is available in sizes 32-44 (based on bra band size, size chart here) which covers a nice range of body shapes, not to mention the adjustablity with the lacing. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the thong. I don’t really care for the elastic as it tends to kind of roll and I’m worried if I pulled too hard on it that it might tear. I’m not sure if it being all leather would be an improvement or not.

I’m really pleased with this corset. I can move in it and I feel sexy in it. That’s all I really ask of my lingerie. Thanks to SheVibe.com for coming to the rescue again with their great selection of products and for providing this product free for an honest opinion!!

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