With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: A Review of the Rock Box

Rock Box - Incredibly Powerful Orgasm Machine

Reviewed by Kira of Kira's Kink

The Rock Box is billed as the world’s most powerful sex toy. The second I heard that, I knew I would have to try it out. So many toys leave me wanting for more power that surely this would be a dream come true. I was ecstatic when I got the chance to review it for SheVibe.


The Rock Box is an interesting contraption. It comes with three pieces – the big part that operates it, a pink attachment for females, and a black attachment for males. The female attachment is primarily used for clitoral stimulation while the male attachment is placed on the underside of the penis. From there, you can adjust the power level to your liking. This thing is HUGE, so it won’t make its way into sex sessions (unless of course you like grinding power tools in between your bodies).


The Rock Box comes packaged in a cardboard box that you’d see a power tool in. Which is fitting, because that’s kinda what it is. “Rock Box” is printed around the box and an image of the base is featured on the back. If someone looked at it really quickly, they may well think it was a tool. Once they got to reading the print, the actual nature of it would be discovered. I think “incredibly powerful orgasm machine” would give it away somehow.

You get 16 feet of cord along with the Rock Box. If you have trouble visualizing that – it’s a hell of a lot. I can reach from one side of my bedroom nearly to the other side.


The main part of the Rock Box is made of plastic. The attachments are made of rubber. I must have somehow missed that in my excitement over the power factor because normally I avoid rubber toys at all costs. Why you ask? Rubber is a porous material, meaning it can harbor bacteria and can’t be fully sanitized. In the case of a vibrator you can use a condom, but with the shape and nature of the attachments, you’re unable to do so. This makes the safety of the material a good bit lower than what I’d like. Why they didn’t make the attachments from silicone I’m not really sure. They do mention that the rubber is latex and phthalates free.

The rubber of the attachments is shiny and smooth. There is a good bit of drag to them. If you rub your finger along them it will hop rather than glide. There is no noticeable rubbery smell to them.


The Rock Box is quite large owing to the main part of the toy. From side to side it measures 7.5″. From top to bottom it measures 6.25″. What really makes it large is how wide it is – coming in at about 5.75″. The attachments are each 4.75″ long. The male attachment is 1.5″ across. The female attachment is 1.5″ across and comes up to 2.75″ in height.

The large size makes it rather awkward to hold. It’s about the weight you’d expect for the size, which is to say not like a boulder but not light either. It very much feels like holding a power drill to my clit when in use. At time I needed to use two hands to stabilize the weight of it.


The male attachment is black with two indentations for added stimulation. These don’t go all the way to the end of the piece. They go in 2.25″ into the attachment. The last bit of the attachment is smooth. The male part is designed to be placed on the underside of the penis. The instructions also mention that you can move it to the tip of the penis at a lower speed.

The female attachment is shaped somewhat like a tongue and somewhat like a wave. It starts out thick and them comes upward to a point. It then comes sharply down and ends thinner than it began. The point can be used on the clit or just in the general genital area. The tip is about .5″ across, so while it gives better pinpoint stimulation than a wand, it doesn’t target like a small bullet would. If you need precise pinpoint stimulation, it won’t manage that.


The first thing you’ll have to do is pick your attachment and get it into the main part. Each attachment has a black slider at the bottom of the piece. This slider goes into a track located on the inside of the Rock Box. The attachments slide in easily and make a slight noise when they lock into place. To remove the attachment you squeeze the end of the attachment (there are two large clip looking things on the end) and slide it out. That’s the easy part.

So here’s where things get…odd. There are two controls on the Rock Box. There’s a square button that turns it on and off and a dial that increases and decreases the speed. The setup is fine in terms of having two buttons, but the placement is all wrong. The square button is located on the inside of the handle. Depending on how you grip the handle, there’s a possibility of accidentally hitting it when in use. Even more annoying is the placement of the dial. The dial is placed on the outer part of the handle right where it meets the body. When you hold the Rock Box by the handle, your hand doesn’t rest in a place that makes it easy to adjust the speed. When I wanted to change speeds I had to move it from my body, twist it around, and then turn the dial. I tried numerous times to turn the dial without moving it from my body. Clumsy me just managed to have the Rock Box tumble over onto the bed or get my hands all twisted up. The location just isn’t convenient.

Side note: The Rock Box plugs into a wall for power. This means it is in NO WAY waterproof. You should not use this anywhere near water. You probably shouldn’t even think about water while using it.


Let me start off by saying that the Rock Box is indeed very powerful. However, at the lower settings it can be mild as well, so those that don’t need a power house of a vibrator could use this as well. In fact, the instructions mention that most people found levels two and three the best. Being a power lover, I ignored that advice and went straight for the higher settings. What I noticed is that the vibrations feel not so much like vibrations. Rather than the normal feel of a vibrator the Rock Box has a feel like it’s vibrating up and down. My husband drives piles for a living and I was eerily reminded of the clank-clank-clank that his crane makes as the piles get driven into the ground. This weird vibration caused a huge issue for me. I also had this problem with the Eroscillator, which doesn’t vibrate exactly. My body responds best to regular vibrations. I decided to try it on the lower settings to see if that would help. The first few levels were too low to do much of anything for me. Around level four it was pleasurable, but I still simply could not reach orgasm with it.

I got the Rock Box to review some time ago. I played with it for a month trying to get it to work for me. Then I got sick, which delayed the review even more. But part of the delay was literally me trying every possible way to get it to make me cum. I just couldn’t do it. I tried it at every speed, at every angle. Nothing. The bottom line for me is that the vibration type threw me off. Not to mention the annoyance of having to move it around when I wanted to change the speeds.

I did have my husband try out the male attachment just for the sake of the review. He had never tried any vibrating toy before, so unfortunately there’s not anything he can compare it to. The word from him is similar to mine – it felt good, but not something that he’d ever be able to orgasm with. We tried using it on him together a few times and he was uninterested in using it anymore after that.

As an aside, the Rock Box is quite loud. It’s really not as loud as I expected, but it’s still LOUD. Your neighbors will likely hear it. If not them, at least everyone in your house. If noise distracts you, which it usually does me, you’ll want to pass.


The recommendation on this one is a maybe. If you find that regular vibrations don’t work well for you, the thump-thump pattern of this may. If you’ve been satisfied with regular vibrations, then the different type the Rock Box has may have the same effect on you that it does me. If your only requirement in a toy is sheer power and nothing more, the Rock Box delivers. I feel like there are people this could work for, I’m just not one of them. Again I’m reminded of the Eroscillator – a toy that blows a lot of people’s minds but frustrates the hell out of me. I think this falls in that same category. Either it will work wonders for you or it won’t.


Rating: 3/5   |  Intensity: 5/5  |  Noise: 5/5

Pros: Very high power level, Comes with lots of cord length, Attachments for both sexes, Better pinpoint stimulation that other plug-in massagers. 

Cons: Attachments made of rubber, Weird vibrations, Awkward placement of controls, Loud, Heavy and hard to hold.

I’m going with three stars on this one simply because I feel there are people out there this could work for. There are some flaws in the design and I wish they used safer materials, but I can see this being heaven for a number of people. I wish I was one of them. If I felt that this wouldn’t work for anyone across the board, the rating would have been lower based on the cons and my own personal experience.

Posted on June 10, 2012 and filed under vibrator, love honey.