Ladder to the Stars: A Review of the Vamp Silicone Wilde G2 Dildo

Wilde G2 By Vamp Silicone

Reviewed by Kira of Kira's Kink

I was blown away with the last dildo I got from Vamp Silicone. Giorgio is easily one of my all time favorite dildos. When SheVibe needed someone to test out Vamp Silicone’s Wilde G2, I was more than happy to offer assistance. 

(Bonus points for anyone that gets the movie reference in the title.)


Vamp Silicone is a company made up of sex educators and artists. They hand pour each piece so no two will ever be the same. Every dildo they make is harness compatible and safe for vaginal and anal play.


The Wilde G2 is the longer and skinnier version of the Wilde G1. It comes in a beautiful purple-y blue-ish color swirled with silver. Colors may vary as each one is hand poured. As all Vamp Silicone dildos, the Wilde G2 can be used in a harness, vaginally, or anally.


Vamp Silicone packages their dildos in a clear tube. The top pops off (with effort) to remove the dildo. Stickers on the front and back give the information on the toy. The front has the Vamp logo and website with the definition of the word “vamp” underneath it. The back gives information on the company and has a small blank spot where the name of the dildo is handwritten in and what type of silicone it’s made from is checked off. I hope they continue to do this. It has a nice, personal “small company” feel to it.


All Vamp toys are made of silicone. Silicone is one of the safest sex toy materials on the market. You can read more about the care and safety of silicone at the Material Guide. Remember water based lube only with silicone toys.

Most Vamp toys come with the option between their regular silicone and their “soft skin” silicone. My Wilde G2 is the soft skin variety. When I first heard the term I though that it was a dual density silicone. Instead the soft skin is literally a softer, more pliable version of the regular silicone. It can be squeezed in some and bent completely in half. There’s a decent amount of drag to the silicone. It feels softer than regular silicone, which is hard to explain exactly. It has more give to it and feels…plushy isn’t the word I want to use, but it comes close to explaining how it feels. It makes me want to squish it in my hands and play with it. If swayed it will move with the motion but doesn’t get floppy.


The shaft of Wilde G2 has some ridges along it. These are raised very slightly. In use I could only feel them if I moved it really slowly and was paying attention. If I got to into the sensation I stopped noticing it. I’m pretty texture sensitive, so that basically means the texture is minimal. It won’t be nearly enough for those that crave intense textured sensations.

The head is not defined aside from being slightly larger than the dip below it. There’s no realistic detailing to the eye or touch. The swirls in the silicone make it appear even less realistic.


The Wilde G2 is 7.5″ in total length of which 6.5″ is insertable. The diameter at the head is 1.25″. The circumference at that point is 4″. Where the ridge comes inward the diameter is 1 1/8″. The circumference is 3 7/8″. Near the base the diameter is 1 3/8″ while the circumference is 4.25″. The base itself is 2 5/8″ across.

The Wilde G2 is on the smaller side of things. It’s somewhat long, but not too long. The extra length added from the Wilde G1 makes the G2 more ideal for harness use. It’s thinner in size, however, and may not be enough to satisfy those who prefer girthy toys. It is a good option for users who are just starting out with penetration or those that just happen to prefer something smaller. It does feel slightly smaller than the actual diameter in relation to a harder material due to the give of the soft skin.


At the base of the Wilde G2 is a hole that you can insert a bullet into if you desire. If you’re like me and prefer dildos to be dildos, you can slip your fingers in the hole and use it for leverage while thrusting. The portion of the dildo that the hole goes into can be squeezed in all the way, so that’s something to note if you plan on using the whole length. The bullet hole is regular size at the bottom but squared off at the top to accommodate many different sized bullets.

My usual go to bullet when I decide to insert one in a dildo is the We-Vibe Tango. It’s super strong and usually produces the best possible result. When the Tango was inserted the vibrations could be felt very strongly about half way down the dildo and at moderate intensity near the tip.


I've officially decided just about any shape could come made in soft skin and I’d love it. There’s something really amazing about the soft skin silicone Vamp makes. It just feels better than regular silicone. It’s like it forms to my body’s curves and hits all the right places.

In all honestly, the shape and design of the Wilde G2 are not terribly exciting. The texture can’t really be felt, which is good for me, but also basically leaves the Wilde G2 feeling like a straight up and down dildo. If you’re into curves or interesting designs, this just doesn’t have it. I usually prefer at least some curve or a bit of head definition. I’m willing to forgive the Wilde G2 for not having any because it’s the only straight silicone dildo that felt good enough for me not to want to put it down. 

Like I said, there’s something magic about the soft skin. Has this same shape come in regular silicone, I think I would have been bored by it. Or if the silicone was firm the texture might have put me off. It works out well for me, despite the plain shape.

As a bonus, I’m able to use this with my husband. He tends to overkill thrusting, so I have to be picky with what toys I let him wield. The small size and minimal texture of Wilde G2 make this great for allowing him to thrust his heart away without injuring me in the process.


Maybe. You should probably get something in the Vamp soft skin, but whether it’s Wilde G2 or not will depend on your preferences in size, texture, and design. If you’re looking for something that’s different, curved, or feels even somewhat realistic, check out some of Vamp’s other options. If you want something on the slim side without a lot of texture or fancy design, Wilde G2 should work out nicely.


I really want to give the Wilde G2 five stars, but I know that rating is being heavily swayed by my love of the soft skin. From a more objectionable point of view, a little more curve would have made this perfect. I feel like the design is just a touch too simple to warrant the full five stars. I do see this getting used a lot in the future though.

Rating: 4/5  |  Intensity: N/A  |  Noise: N/A

Pros: Pliable but not floppy silicone, Transfers vibrations well, Good for those that prefer smaller sizes and minimal texture.

Cons: Design and shape feel a bit plain, Won’t be good for those looking for size or texture.


I received the Vamp Silicone Wilde G2 for testing from SheVibe to help them decide if they should start carrying it or not. It’s not currently available for purchase from their site. They do have a large selection of other Vamp Silicone products which can be found here.

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