Four Leaf Clover: A Review of the Happy Valley Lucky Dildo

Lucky Silicone Dildo By Happy Valley

Reviewed by Kira of Kira's Kink

My first Happy Valley toy was the Hottie Xtra. In case you’re not familiar with that one, it’s a whopping 2.25″ diameter monster of a toy. I can’t use it often, but when I can I love it dearly. I’d had my eye on the Happy Valley Lucky for quite some time since then, so I was all too pleased when agreed to send it to me for review.


Lucky is a realistic dildo that includes balls. The balls make it safe for anal or vaginal use. It’s harness compatible, but you’ll need a harness that can fit the large size of the toy as well as the weight of it. Lucky is made of a soft material, but don’t be fooled by the slight give of the silicone. This is one large dildo.


Lucky comes packaged in a clear baggie with a paper top stapled to the top with some information and labeling. The bad thing about this is that it gives no storage so be sure you have something to store it in on hand. The front says “Sexy silicone toys” and “Happy Valley” with “Made in the happiest valley in Canada” across it. The back has a bit of information about cleaning and care as well as silicone material. A circle sticker in the upper corner displays the name of the toy. As you can see, the packaging is less than discreet.


Happy Valley Lucky is made from silicone. You can read more about silicone safety and care by clicking the link. Silicone is one of the safest materials out there. You should be sure to use only water based lubes with it.

The silicone of Lucky is much softer than the silicone of my previous Happy Valley toy which was very firm. Lucky almost feels like a dual density silicone, though I can’t find any information saying it is on Happy Valley’s site. It feels like there’s a outer softer layer with a harder inner layer. It will squish in but then hits a point where you can’t squish any further. At the head you can squish in all the way, but the shaft has much less of the softer layer to squish. It bends somewhat, but not much. It can’t bend in half, owing somewhat to the harder inner layer and somewhat to the sheer size of the toy.

There’s a very small amount of drag to the silicone. My finger can run across it without hopping, but doesn’t glide either. The amount of drag can be completely eliminated with lube.

One note is that the definition of the head does collect lube and fluid, so make sure you’re extra diligent about cleaning in that area.


SheVibe’s site lists Lucky at 6.5″ in length and 1.75″ in diameter. When I got Lucky in the mail and saw how large it was I realized there was no way it was 1.75″. My measurements are 7.5″ in total length of which 6.5″ are insertable. The head is 1.5″ in diameter. A bit below the head is 1 7/8″ in diameter. The circumference there is 5.75″. Near the base of the dildo the diameter is 2 1/8″. The circumference here is 6″. The base is 4″ across. I did figure out where the 1.75″ measurement came from. If you measure from the front rather than the side, the diameter at that angle is the 1.75″ listed. You can see the difference in size appearance in the photos depending on how you look at the dildo.

To give you an idea of the size of Lucky, I took a photo of it against the Tantus Max O2. The Max O2 is no small toy itself. This was my test to see if Lucky measured the 1.75″ listed before I even pulled out my measuring tape.

Due to the large size, Lucky should be used only by those who are experienced with larger toys and penetration. This is not one to jump into if you’re used to smaller sizes. Even though the silicone has a soft feel, the entire size is very apparent in use. It provided a stretched feeling during use. Depending on your preferences this could be a good or bad thing.


Lucky’s head is pronounced and made in a realistic fashion. The head comes to a point at the tip. There’s a big size gap between the end of the head and the beginning of the shaft. The ridges in the back dip deep inward. Even though the definition is distinct there wasn't any popping sensation when I used the head. Well, let me rephrase. There was a minor popping sensation, but not one that made me uncomfortable. Sometimes too big of a gap between the head and shaft will cause discomfort for me and that wasn't the case with Lucky.

The shaft is done in a semi-realistic design. It has some curves along the way which give it a realistic appearance but no veining. The silicone at this point is totally smooth with no texture or skin-like feel. It doesn't feel the same as a VixSkin or O2 in terms of realism, but the layered feeling silicone does add a somewhat realistic feel that regular silicone doesn't have.

The balls on Lucky are actually done really well. I’m funny about balls on dildos as I usually think they look off. I found that these looked pretty realistic with the curvature and overall design. They’re just the right amount of squishy. You can see in the photo that some hair has found it’s way onto the silicone. Lucky does attract some hair, but nothing too terrible.


Since I started using larger toys a few months back I've started to like them more and more. My husband also has a big fetish for using larger toys with me. I was very excited to get something in between my usual 2″ toys and the 2.25″ inch ones that can sometimes be a bit too much.

Lucky turned out to be a wonderful size for me. It was just the right step up. I loved how filling Lucky felt as opposed to the 2″ ones I have. Even though it’s not a huge size difference, it was very noticeable. The silicone material that is used is really great quality and feels incredible. It doesn't give too much, but enough not to be so firm that it hurts. Given the large size I’m very grateful for this.

I did end up using this with my husband even though I’m always a bit cautious using larger toys with him. He does get a bit too into things sometimes and can push too far or too fast. Even in his excitement I found Lucky to be extremely pleasurable. It got to be a bit much at times, but we usually use larger toys as part of BDSM play so it worked out in that sense.

There’s really nothing I don’t like about Lucky. I was worried about the head when I saw it, but it didn't cause any problems at all. The silicone is lovely, the size is great, and I’m really impressed that I don’t hate the look of the balls.


If you can handle the size, then yes. For those newer to penetration or used to smaller toys, this is one you’ll want to either skip or work your way up to. If you already have a love of larger toys, then this is a great addition to a collection. If you’re looking to use it in a harness, just make sure you have a harness that can fit the size and hold the weight.


Rating: 5/5  | Intensity: N/A  |  Noise: N/A

Pros: Great size if you like larger toys, Silicone feels wonderful, Head doesn't cause uncomfortable popping, Balls don’t look too unrealistic.

Cons: Size will be too large for some, Head can be difficult to clean.

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