A Great Alternative: A Review of the RodeoH Harness

Underwear Style Strap-On Harnesses from RodeoH

Reviewed by Pixel of Pixelated Toys

I’m a fan of strap on play, whether I am using them on a guy or girl (ah, the perks of pansexuality!), so I was really excited when Shevibe.com offered me a chance to review the rodeoH harness!


The rodeoH harness came with an awesome microfiber drawstring storage pouch and a dogtag that has ‘rodeoH’ embossed on it. I loved the bag, it is a great way to store the harness without losing it in the depths of my underwear drawer or toy bag. The dogtag was a cute idea, but mine came to me with rust already on it, which was a bit disappointing.

The rodeoH harness looks like a pair of guy’s briefs, with the exception of the wide waistband. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. My pair is black with deep grey contrast piping details, but you can also get it in black and red or black and a lighter grey. The front flap of the briefs is attached at the top and bottom with open sides, and it has an O-ring in the middle. The o-ring is covered with fabric, and is supposed to fit dildos up to 2 inches in diameter. (The RodeoH site suggests using sex toys that are 5”-6” length by 1 1/2”-2” in width.) I’ve been using the Tantus VIP with these, and had a bit of trouble getting it through the O-ring even though it is only 1.5 inches in diameter.

The fit of the harness was a bit tighter than I was expecting. I normally wear a size L (7) pair of panties, but ordered a size up (XL) because there didn’t seem to be much stretch to these, based on other reviews I had read. Also, the measurements are for the waist, rather than the hips, which threw me for a loop while ordering. I’m really glad I went with the larger size, because the XL is actually a bit tight on me! It fits fine through the thighs, but the waistband does cut in a bit and roll if it isn’t adjusted so it lies perfectly flat on my skin. SheVibe carries the rodeoH harness in sizes XS-XL, and it also comes in sizes XXL and XXXL in the red and black colour option!

I really love how easily you could go from wearing this harness under your clothing to using it for more deviant purposes. It would definitely be hot to wear these under my jeans out on a date, and whisk my girlfriend off to a secluded place to have a quickie. If you have a dildo that fits the O-ring, getting the toy in the ring and ready to use takes moments, and best of all, there are no straps and buckles to fiddle with and adjust.

When I have my cock nicely settled in the O-ring, it sits higher on my groin than I am used to, which took a bit of adjusting to. I usually adjust my harness so that my toys sit right at my pubic bone so I can grind my clit against the base while I thrust. The rodeoH brief didn’t give me as much stimulation that way, but I could still get a bit of clit contact when using a dildo that had a wide base or came with balls. I also had to adjust the angles I had become used to using when thrusting so they would work for my partner. Despite this modifications, I think that this harness worked really well.

My main complaint about this harness is that it leaves my genitalia sad, because there is no access to them. The rodeoH harness is tight against my skin (it has to be, so the weight of the toy doesn’t pull my briefs down), so my partner pushing aside the fabric to finger or lick me just isn’t happening. Putting a bullet vibe in the briefs against my clit does work, and the tightness of the shorts will hold it mostly in place, but I need penetration to orgasm 3/4th of the time, so for me it’s mostly just a tease.

Cleaning this harness is fairly simple. The tag says to machine or hand wash with cold water and hang or lay it flat to dry. I’ve been tossing mine in the washer in a lingerie bag, and haven’t noticed any snags in the stitching or the band having any issues with losing it’s elasticity. You will want to be careful with the types of lubes you use on your toys when you play with this harness, cause if it stains, you’ll end up with marks on your rodeoH! I’d suggest staying away from silicone or oil based lubes or massage oils when you have this on and stick to water based stuff instead!

While the rodeoH harness isn’t going to replace my leather one, it’s a great alternative for nights I want to be discrete about wearing a harness out or don’t feel like fussing with buckles and straps. I give it 4 packing paws up out of 5!

Posted on February 20, 2012 and filed under rodeoh, strap-on harness.