Vixen Creations Buck: A Review

VixSkin Buck Silicone Dildo By Vixen

Reviewed by J. of Toys In Love

You know we did a review of the ginormous Maverick for SheVibe a few weeks back, right? And we swore an oath we’d come back and visit for another VixSkin toy, the sooner the better, right?  Well I’m sorry we left you hanging for six weeks, but they really have those VixSkin toys tight and secure over there at SheVibe… One would think they don’t like us stealing their toys one bit… But we be outsmarting them! - We be heroes! … Or something… *cough* - At least we snuck away with another one, and now have the pleasure of introducing the mighty Buck.

VixSkin Buck Silicone Dildo By Vixen
VixSkin Buck Silicone Dildo By Vixen

Buck is, like Maverick, one big mother *blipper*! My arse agrees!  And the next VixSkin toy from Vixen Creations we’re going to review, will be tiny!! Now, that little outburst off my chest, let’s get started.

Buck is made from the same recipe as the rest of the VixSkin toys: a firm core surrounded by a delightful squishy layer. The two together makes the toy feel ‘real’. And I don’t mean that in any casual sort of way: when Buck is lubed up, warm and ‘on duty’, he feels as real as you’ll probably ever come to the real thing in a sex toy. The silicone used is premium grade, meaning no phthalates, no toxins, no nothing of the sort - but the best high-grade silicone available. Now, the outer layer of this scrumptious silicone contains a premium silicone lubricant suspended between the molecules, that’s what is giving VixSkin a more realistic squishy feel and a greater elasticity surrounding this firmer inner core. Just like a real dick with the softer skin layer surrounding the firmer blood-pumped veins and muscles underneath. It’s quite ingenious really, and making such a toy totally hypoallergenic and body-safe without harmful chemicals to do so in the process… well, it’s just brilliant!

Buck is not only made to feel real, he looks real! As soon as you release him from the confines of Vixen’s signature plastic tube, you’ll immediate notice detail upon detail from the gifted artists at Vixen Creations. The corona is smooth and slick, but still crafted with both a small urethra hole and frenulum. The shaft is like a real cock as well: veins and skin texture seems perfect down to tiniest minuscule detail.  Just the perfect cock in appearance… Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate are the colors to pick from (we got Vanilla). To be fair: I’m still a bit disappointed they’ve completely abandoned the old … quirky and exiting colors.  For the more capricious amongst us. It would have been fun with just one option in some adventurous color, even though it is a ‘real’ feel cock…

Anyway, in size you’re looking at 7½” of long, thick cock with a very thick, solid base. The insertable length is 6½”, and its circumference is a whopping 6” - meaning a diameter is 2”. Obviously something to consider when you buy the required 2” O-ring for your harness. If you’re the pegging kind… And being a big and heavy hunk of cock, do buy the metal kind. Trust me: you’ll prefer that for extra support.

Now, I wasn’t actually home at the time of arrival of this eighth wonder of the world, I was running a few errands. But got home and saw the usual discreet package from SheVibe on the desk, with an empty Vixen tube next to it. So 1+1=2, off to the bedroom and found my Other Half with a ‘monster’ between her legs… She was going at it something fierce! So standing there, enjoying the show for a bit, when the signs of impending orgasm started showing on her body. You know: ragged breathing, muscles tensing up, back started arching, pearls of sweat from her ‘work’ everywhere on her skin,  and she just thrust her stomach up, pulled the ‘monster’ out with a “pop”, and just squirted everywhere! It was just *blipping* glorious! … Not one to let her off the hook, I followed suit and gave her one more for good measure… But this has just become an instant favorite in her ‘grab to’ shelf, and I can easily understand why!

Personally I’ve found Buck BIG! I need a bit of warm-up to get him past my rim. So some finger-play, a smaller toy, giggles, fun and what-have-you; and when he then ease in, it’s always with this intensity from the girth of him. As right on the border between pain and pleasure which, though it may sound weird, makes the experience that much better for me… Somehow the bigger and more imposing the toy my Other Half has at her disposal in the harness, the more demanding urge she seems to pour into the pegging. And believe me; with a toy like Buck, she’ll be milking me to orgasms I’ve … well, I’ve had them … plenty in fact,  but hardly ever so fast! And there do seem to be further and further between them the more ‘experienced’ I’ve become to anal play. Buck doesn’t seem to give a rat’s arse about all that, as I’ve had some pretty explosive orgasms with my Other Half just milking me to what feels like next Wednesday!

All that said though: how we love him, both of us; anally more than is probably sane, and my Other Half going nuts about him in her semi-size-queen cavern as well, I am however at a bit of a loss as to whom this toy is made for…My Other Half firmly believes that even a beginner will love the ‘fullness’ Buck will provide. “He’s as gentle as you’ll WANT him to be, and as hard as you’ll NEED him to be”. Her words. But looking at him, I do feel some trepidation just readily recommending him to any beginner as a first dildo…But if you can handle him you WILL love him! I can however say with absolute certainty that he is NOT for anal beginners! Definitely Intermediate-to-advanced. But once there you’ll love him like a cold beer on hot Sundays. (Or any variation of that theme). Get there, buy him, and thank me later…

I should of course have mentioned earlier, that if you’re not juicing up like a broken dam - like my Other Half, then you’ll need a generous amount of good water-based lube when playing with Buck. He’s definitely a lube-hog, almost to the extreme, but it’s worth every drop so please go nuts. Use the bottle as if the cap fell off. And it being water-based, who gives a damn (no pun intended) if he leaves some of it behind on the sheets. It easily comes off in the wash. 

Cleaning Buck is just as easy: A good wash in water with some anti-bacterial soap, finish off with a sex toy cleaner spray - or use an alcohol wipe, and he’s as good as new. Of course, you could just chuck him in the dishwasher - top rack - no soap, or boil him a few minutes for complete sterilization…

SheVibe is a golden goose for any sex toy lover out there.  A mighty selection of the best sex toys always at hand. Like Buck, or Maverick, or any of the other VixSkin toys. And please believe; that if you have any trepidation buying from a sex toy store online: you won’t find many with better customer service and truly dedicated friendly people behind the screen.

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