Reviews By A Nerd - The Wand Essentials Cordless Massager


The Wand Essentials 7 Speed Massager is a toy that everyone should have in their collection. Honestly, I just may like it a tad bit more then the Magic Wand. It can work for people who don’t like much power as well as power queens. It could work well for edging since the vibrations slowly increase. It doesn’t have an annoying cord to get in the way and it’s not so loud that everyone in the house knows what you’re doing. Even on the highest setting, it’s still pretty quiet. If you have any background noise, such as a fan or tv, you can’t even hear the wand in use. Which is one of the things that I love most about this wand since I don’t live alone. The controls on this wand are super easy to use. You simply just turn the dial to whichever speed you’d like. Mine seems to always get stuck on the 3rd setting and I have to push a bit harder to get it to the 4th, but it’s nothing major.


The handle of the wand is made out of plastic and the cap is made out ofvinyl. Since the cap is porous, I highly recommend getting a silicone cover such as the Pop Top! The texture on the cap is like silicone, it’s pretty smooth, but has some drag to it. I've found that putting a dab of water based lube on it works wonders! There's more...


Posted on July 31, 2014 and filed under wand essentials, wand style vibrator.