R K O'Connor Reviews The Get A Grip Prostate Massager


Evolved's "Get a Grip" Prostate Massager: Very Well Done!

The "special feature" of the "Get a Grip" prostate vibrator is presumably the handle, and the handle does make it easier than other toys to maneuver it into the right place. And, when it is in the right place, it is magical. But it's just a bit harder than it should be to get it into the right place, though that is not an uncommon problem with these toys. Compared to the alternatives, then, highly recommended, even if it could be improved.


The "Get a Grip" prostate massager, from Evolved Novelties, is, for the most part, a fairly typical P-spot vibrator. It can be used in lots of different ways. E.g., you could use the vibrator to stimulate the testicles, or your earlobe, if you're into that kind of kink. But the way it's obviously intended to be used is inserted into the rectum in such a way that the tip of the vibrator comes into contact with the prostate. One then lets the vibrator work its magic.

The toy arrives in a substantial, and fairly attractive, plastic case, in which it can easily be stored, if you prefer to do it that way. Personally, I have too many toys to be storing them all in cases three or four times their size, so I toss it in a drawer with its friends. Maybe I should build some special shelves or something.

The "Get a Grip" is made from hard plastic that has been coated with polyurethane. I quite like this material. It is soft to the touch, and smooth, although the toy itself is very firm. It has a light odor, if you really sniff it, but there is nothing I can smell in normal use.

The toy has two basic parts: the insertable portion and a "handle". The insertable bit is about 3 and 3/4" long, and just over an inch wide at the widest point, narrowing to about half an inch in the middle, and then widening again to about 3/4" near the end. That's fairly small, as these things go, and it should be easy to insert even for a beginner. This portion has what looks like a pretty decent curve, too, but, as I'll mention below, that may be a bit illusory.

The vibrator itself is in the tip of the insertable portion. This is important, since the vibration is thus delivered as directly as possible to the prostate. The vibrator is not terribly loud, but it isn't quiet, either. On the higher settings, it could certainly be heard through a door.

The handle is about four inches long. It's a good, solid piece, easy to grab onto. The end-cap pops off to give access to the battery compartment, which holds two AAA batteries. (Battery life, by the way, seems quite good.) The cap is held on merely by friction, and it is a bit tricky to get it off at first. The best way is to treat it as if it were hinged, and press hard just below the control button. Over time, it gets easier, but I fear that means the end-cap is getting loose, which isn't a good thing. There's also an O-ring here, to seal against water, but I've not tried to use it in water and so won't vouch for the effectiveness of the O-ring.

The end-cap also hosts the control button. You hit the button once to turn the thing on, and then hit it again to cycle through the various settings. To turn it off, you hold the button down for a second or so. This isn't the most convenient or most reliable arrangement if you really want to turn it off in a hurry. (Hold on a minute, mom!) But there aren't a lot of other options if you're just going to have one button, as is pretty common. That said, there are plenty of similar toys (even from Evolved) with two buttons: an on-off switch, and a change-the-setting switch.

There are seven settings. The first three are slow, medium, and fast. The other four are patterned pulses: one short one, followed by two long ones; five short ones, and one long one; one medium, three short, one long; and three very short pulses, followed by a longer one.

You know what would be really cool? Toys with interchangeable control boxes. I'd love to be able to use the pulsation settings from a different toy with this one.

One other word about design. Like many such toys, the "Get a Grip" is constructed from two mirror-image pieces that have been bonded together. As a result, there's a seam that runs down the middle and is easily seen. In places I can feel it with my fingers, and when I got it there was a part of the seam near the tip that was raised enough that I could feel it when inserting the toy. It was easy enough to smooth that out with a metal nail file, but I do wish manufacturers would pay a little more attention to this issue. Especially with anal toys, even quite small seams can be uncomfortable.

Like many (even most) P-spot vibrators, this one should easily double as a G-spot toy, if you have a G-spot or a partner with one. Indeed, Evolved's "Love Handle" is the same device, just in purple. Of course, if you are going to share, then you should probably use this toy with a condom. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water, and with the various toy cleaners on the market, but the vibrator cannot be removed, so it probably cannot be sterilized.

Since I have a prostate, though, and not a G-spot, I'll focus on that use.

[RANT] In case anyone is listening, can we stop color-coding toys by gender? If it's one toy, it's one toy that comes in two colors. If the manufacturers won't cut it out, then the retailers should refuse to play along. There should be one listing for this thing, with two color options. Purple happens to be my favorite color, and I'd have been bummed if I had gotten it in black only to find out it came in purple, too. [/RANT]


The "Get a Grip" vibrator is one of my favorite prostate vibrators. There are ways I think it could be improved, but I find it quite easy to use, and it is very reliable. The orgasms I have with it are strong and long, and I find it easier to get to orgasm with this toy than with many of my other vibrators. The small size is nice, too, for times when I'm not just interested in struggling (at all!) to get something inside me.

I take it from the name that the key feature here is supposed to be the handle, and I have to say that it is a nice feature. Often with these sorts of toys, where exactly you place the vibrator on the prostate is very important, so one needs to hold it just right to get the vibrations to where they'll do the most good. This is often not very easy, as there's just nothing obvious to grab onto. Here, there is.

My only real complaints about this toy are: (i) that it seems slightly too short for my anatomy, and (ii) that the curve could be a bit more pronounced or, perhaps, more effective.

On the first point, I find that I really need to press the "Get a Grip" hard into myself to get the tip to wrap around the end of my prostate, which is where the sensation tends to be most effective. That position also puts what's just in front of the tip in contact with the main body of the prostate (I think). Anyway, if the tip is wrapped around the back a bit, that lets the toy get the most total contact with my P-spot. It's not uncomfortable to press the toy into myself that way, and the handle makes it a bit easier than it otherwise might be. But it does mean that I can't just "relax" while using it: put the thing in, lie back, and let it do its thing.

On the second point, I also need to push the handle a bit away from me really to press the tip up into my prostate. I don't have to do this as much as with Evolved's P3, which was one of my main complaints about that one, so that's good. But if I don't do this at all, then the tip doesn't really make firm enough contact with my prostate to get me off. So, for that reason, too, I can't just insert it and let it go to work on me. I have to press it in, push the handle away, and hold it.

When I do manage to locate the "Get a Grip" it in the right place, though, it's fantastic. The shape then seems to fit me very well, and I've had some truly amazing orgasms with this thing. They feel a bit "deeper" than with most of the other vibrators I have. The vibrations are not "buzzy" but more substantial, which maybe means more actual stimulation is being achieved. Hard to say. But, despite the complaints just voiced, I do keep going to back to this toy over and over again, because it just gives me such an intense experience.

I find the different patterns of pulsing vibrations in this toy to be very nice, too, and very effective. For example, I often find the short-short-long type patterns to be almost teasing. The short pulses increase my level of arousal, and then the long pulse seems like it's almost going to get me there, but then it's back to short pulses again, over and over, until finally: YES!!

Design Thoughts

I mentioned above that, in order to get the "Get a Grip" to make sufficiently firm contact with my prostate, I have to push the handle away from me. I've noticed this fact with enough toys now that I'm starting to think that it almost doesn't matter how curved these things are. The problem, rather, is that the wall of the rectum on the other side of the prostate just isn't firm enough to push the toy toward the prostate. Rather, that soft tissue will simply "absorb" the curve itself, for the most part at least.

There are toys that do not have this problem, such as the Aneros toys and their kin. But what's different there is the presence of a "perineum tab" on the exterior part of the toy: something that is designed to make firm contact with the user's perineum. Usually, these are advertised as perineum simulators, but I suspect the main thing they do is actually different: They prevent the interior part of the toy from pivoting away from the prostate. Think of it as a kind of lever. The fulcrum (fixed point) is at the anus. Anything that presses the exterior part towards the user's back will press the interior part towards the user's front and so towards the prostate. Or, conversely, if the interior part tries to pivot away from the prostate, that will force the exterior part toward the user's perineum, and the perineum tab will then stop it from going too far.

So what I think would really move this toy up a notch is if the handle had some kind of perineum tab that was part of it, or was attached to it. That would basically force the tip of the toy up against the prostate. And that, I am sure, would be a very good thing. I'm thinking maybe I could do some sort of simple modification, even just strapping something onto the handle. I'll try it out and report back if it helps.

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