R K O'Connor Reviews The Evolved You Too Prostate Massager


The Bendable You Too Prostate Massager from Evolved Novelties is (presumably) intended for people with prostates. Unusually, it houses two vibrators. One of these resides in the insertable portion. The other is at the base, so that it sits outside the body. The idea, I take it, is to insert the one vibrator into the rectum, so that it can stimulate the prostate, and to place the other on the perineum, where it can stimulate the perineum and provide some indirect stimulation to the prostate from the outside.

It's an interesting idea. We'll see below how well it works.

As is so often the case with P-spot toys, this one can be also used as a G-spot toy. In fact, it is sold as such, in pink and purple. So, in fact, this toy can be used for many different things, if you keep it clean enough that it can be shared.

For what it's worth, I would myself prefer if these things weren't color-coded by gender. I'd have gotten the purple one myself if I'd realized it also came in that color when I bought. Or maybe the pink one. I'm that kind of guy, if you know what I mean. (Do you? Are you sure?)


The outer material on the You Too massager is thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is soft and pliable. It's very comfortable to the touch, and has no smell at all. It is not sticky, but I find that lint and the like still stick to it quite easily; all of this is easily removed by a quick rinse, however. TPR is definitely porous, so I'd advise using it with a condom if you're going to use it anally, and definitely to do so if you're planning on sharing it. It can be cleaned with soap and water, or toy cleaner. TPR cannot be sterilized in boiling water.

It's easiest to think of this toy as one long piece with vibrators at either end. Unfolded, it's about nine inches long. The insertable end has a kind of tongue-like bit at the very tip, then it widens to a little over an inch where the vibrator is housed, and then narrows slowly along the shaft to about half an inch. At the other end is another vibrator, also housed in a little bloop, this one a bit under an inch around. A cord emerges from that end, which attaches to a control module, which also holds the batteries.

The You Too definitely can be used in this unfolded configuration, in which case it works as a traditional sort of phallic toy, though a fairly thin one. You have about 7 inches of insertable length before you get to the "exterior" vibrator. The shaft is firm enough to allow for moderate in-and-out movements. That said, there is no sort of flange here, so if you use it anally this way be careful not to insert it too far, lest you find yourself explaining your sex life to the nurse in the emergency room. (Do not rely upon the cord as a way to get it back out. These things are not attached that securely.)

The main feature of the You Too, though, is that you can bend it into different shapes, which it will then keep. This is possible because of a bendable structure that runs down the shaft of the toy. I can't tell what it's made of, but it seems very effective. You can bend it at almost any point, thus making the insertable portion just the right length to get the inner vibrator where you want it, or to get the outer vibrator where you want it. You can also bend it a little or a lot, as you desire.

The end of the control module screws off to allow access to the battery compartment. The toy uses two AAA batteries. It is clearly intended to be waterproof, with an O-ring protecting the electrical parts of the toy. But, at least on mine, the toy is not sealed where the cord enters the shaft, so water could easily get into the toy there. I haven't actually tried it in water, so can't speak to that any further, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

The controls are very well designed. There are two buttons: an on-off button, and one marked "7" that changes the vibration pattern between (you guessed it!) seven different options. The first three are slow, medium, and fast. The others pulse in various patterns. The fourth starts out slow and increases in speed to fast, then restarts; the fifth is a series of on-off pulses; the sixth is the same, but with faster pulses; the last has three short pulses, then a long one.

You know what would be really cool? If the control module were detachable and could be used with other toys, at least other toys from Evolved. I'd love to try some of these patterns with some of their other toys. Well, we can dream....

Be warned that this toy is very loud. In part, that's because there are two separate vibrators here, but each of them would be quite loud even on its own. And while there'll be some dampening when you have one inserted, the other one won't be inserted. So, well, it's kind of loud.


As far as I'm concerned, prostate vibrators have a pretty simple job to do: Get some vibrations onto (into?) the prostate. Unfortunately, this seems to be harder than it sounds, because a lot of prostate vibrators make the same sorts of mistakes. One: The vibrator itself is put somewhere other than in whatever part of the toy is actually going to be in contact with the prostate, thus making for lots of vibrating elsewhere but not so much where it's needed. Two: The toy is not designed so that the vibrator is in firm enough contact with the prostate unless you hold the thing just right, which often means reaching down between your legs in a way that isn't exactly comfortable.

The You Too does not make either of these mistakes. First, one of the vibrators is right at the tip and can therefore be made to sit right on the prostate. Second, you can bend it however you like, so that this vibrator gets just the right depth into you, just where you want it. Third, the part that remains outside you can be bent so that it comes firmly into contact with the perineum, thus forcing the part that is inside you firmly up against the prostate and holding it in place (much as the way the perineum tab works on devices like the Aneros massagers). I am therefore able to use this toy effectively without having to hold onto it at all.

And by "effectively", I do mean "effectively". I was able to have several orgasms with the You Too it in a single session when doing my "research" for this review. Just to be sure they all worked, I made sure to have an orgasm with each of the seven settings. The vibrator itself is quite powerful, so even the "slow" setting was sufficiently strong to get me where I wanted to go. And the various patterns are all good. Probably my favorite is the first one, that sort of ramps up from slow to fast, then falls back to slow. It's a teasing sort of experience for me, each cycle seeming to bring me closer and closer to orgasm and then, as I start to get close, I'm almost there, and then it falls back, and then I'm almost there again, and...well, you get the idea.

It's a real advantage that the You Too can be used unbent, or bent into different shapes. I used it for a while more as a fucking device, and that was pretty pleasant, too. It made for a nice variation from what I'd been doing, without having to switch toys.

I have two complaints about this toy. The first, as I mentioned before, is how loud it is. The second is that I don't care that much for the perineum vibrator. It's a pleasant enough sensation, but I'm not sure it's really doing anything in terms of helping me get off, and in some ways it actually tends to distract me from what's happening with my prostate. What would be nice, I guess, is if the two vibrators could be controlled separately, or at least if they could selectively be turned on and off. Frankly, I suspect that the outer vibrator is only there because it happens to be there on the pink version, intended for people with clitorises, where it makes rather more sense. Though, if I had a clit and were using it that way, I think I'd still want the two vibrators to be controllable separately. And having that second vibrator is what makes the You Too so loud.


Overall, then, the Bendable You Too is a pretty well-designed and effective toy. I'd give it even higher praise except for the fact that the exterior vibrator seems to me not to do very much, and at the cost of making the toy really loud. (I did mention that it's loud, right?)

Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under anal toy, prostate toy.