Mr. Will Reviews The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II


Often, when Shevibe gets a new male product I get a message asking if I’d like to give it a shot so they’ve got a review on it. Often, because Shevibe is Shevibe and they like to carry the most bad ass stuff they can find it’s a product I was interested in anyway. The Cobra Libre 2 by Fun Factory? I’ve been interested in trying a Cobra Libre out since I first heard of them, but hadn’t had luck finding one for review. Shevibe added them to their stock and I got this one exchange for an unbiased review (in compliance with the FTC wanting their fingers in everyone’s assholes.)

What Is The Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2? It’s a stroke free penile masturbatory aid. I almost said hands free, but those buttons would certainly be magic if it were indeed hands free. I say stroke free because it’s supposed to be able to get a penis to climax without having to do all the stroke-y stroke-y we've grown used to. We’ll see. There's more...


Posted on November 8, 2014 and filed under fun factory, masturbator, silicone, vibrator.