Mr. Will Reviews Ride BodyWorx Water Based Lubricant


My Experience With Ride BodyWorx Water Based Lube

For Man & His Hand Stimulation:

More often than not I’m a dry guy… Lube tends to be cold and get sticky-weird before I get done; I’m also not a fan of stopping mid-way through jacking off to add more lube. In the name of science though, I grabbed the bottle and set about my business.

Ride BodyWorx water based is slick without decreasing friction (some lubes make things so slick there just isn't enough sensation) and lasted almost long enough for me to get off. As it dried and absorbed into my skin though, there wasn't an awkward tacky skin feeling like some lubes leave (KY does it, as do several other lubes) so I still got to finish without having to reapply over and over.

For Boy And Masturbator Toy Fun:

As it turns out, the amount of air hitting the lube makes a HUGE difference in how long it lasts. Whodathunkit? The BodyWorx water based formula lasted as long as I needed it to and could have kept going even longer! On the plus side here: It rinses out of “cup” style toys SUPER easy.

For Anal Play:

In my mind, anal play seems to be Sliquid's target with the Ride BodyWorx line. It’s certainly slick enough to make insertion easy for butt plugs and prostate massagers but my body absorbs it so fast there’s just no way I can use it for any sort of extended wear. It is pretty good for thrusting but I still wish it were just a bit thicker so it wouldn't get ass-squeegeed off. I've yet to find a water based lube that meets that particular criteria, but this comes close! There's more...


Posted on March 10, 2014 and filed under lubricant, ride bodyworx, bath & body.