Mistress Kay Reviews the Pleasure Works Pop Top

Reviewed by Mistress Kay of Kinky World

The Silicone Pop Top Smooth Fuchsia is a smooth, light Fuschia silicone cover manufactured for the Hitachi Magic Wand. The silicone layer is about a half inch thick throughout the Pop Top, so it covers and expands the surface area of the Hitachi Magic Wand slightly. This wand massager attachment is sold by SheVibe. It’s made of soft, stretchy and squishy silicone that provides a different sensation from the hard, white plastic of the original Hitachi head.

For awhile now, our Hitachi Magic Wand has picked up some odd black tint on the what-was pretty white head of the vibrator. I think we must have left it on the sheets of our bed or something, but it picked up a bit of black tint. It didn’t effect the use of our Hitachi, but I like things to look pretty, so it was about time to need to find something to make it look better. This Silicone Pop Top was easily exactly what we needed; it makes the Hitachi actually look pretty attractive as well since the pretty, shiny Fuschia of the Pop Top actually matches the Fuschia of the vibrator itself as well.

The Silicone Pop Top Smooth Fuschia is basically exactly what it sounds like - it’s a basic, smooth Fuschia thick piece of silicone that will cover the head of your Hitachi Magic Wand (and any wand that have a comparable head). So far, I’ve only found it to fit magically with the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it does fit with the Fairy Wand Massager (but the Pop Top is loose). The silicone of the Pop Top Smooth Fuschia is pretty thick; it’s about a half an inch of thickness, so it definitely holds up really nicely, and it doesn’t tear.

I actually didn’t have too much of a problem putting it onto the head of the Hitachi. It slips on really nicely, and it covers the entire head of the Hitachi. It’s a bit more of a pain to get off, but it’s still not too difficult to remove it once its own. The silicone stretches really nicely, and it doesn’t seem like it was ever in danger of tearing which what I was worried about, so I’m really excited to have this Pop Top for my Hitachi since it seems like it’s going to last awhile. I had no problem with the Pop Top slipping off during use either; it stayed securely attached to my Hitachi Magic Wand.

Something I did find odd was the smell though. Normally, silicone has no scent. With this Pop Top, there was a bit of a scent from the sex toy when it was removed from the package. It doesn’t smell anything like phthalates or horrible smells, but there is a slight chemical smell. It went away after I washed it for the first time. I think it might be an added chemical to make the silicone stretch better.

During use, it feels about the same as the original Hitachi head. Since this one is smooth and doesn’t have any sort of texture, it’s basically the same sensation. However, this one makes the Hitachi’s vibrations go through a half inch of silicone before it hits your body, so if you haven’t used the Hitachi because it was too strong, this is really going to help out. It doesn’t deaden the sensation much, but there is a slight noticeablility in how much of the vibration strength gets through. I only use my Wand on the low setting since the High setting always pains me, and I still had absolutely no problem continuing to use the low setting with the little Pop Top on. It made a slight bit of difference, but since the Hitachi is “oh-my-god strong” in the first place, it wasn’t enough of a difference to keep me from giving it up.

Having this silicone Pop Top actually brings up some unique concerns for cleaning and storage. For one, the material is tacky, so it will pick up hair and lint; it picks it up pretty easily, actually, so that’s going to change how I used to store my Hitachi. I used to throw it on the ground or just leave it around, but doing that will now get it covered in hair.

Along with this, it actually brings up unique cleaning concerns. For one, since silicone can be sterilized, as long as you are careful about keeping bodily fluids on the silicone portion, this means your Hitachi Magic Wand can be sterilized and used between multiple people. However, if you don’t plan on removing the Pop Top Smooth Fuschia to sterilize it, you do have to remember that dirt or bacteria could get trapped under the Pop Top, so make sure to clean that pretty effectively as well. With the cleaning on this, you can entirely remove the head to boil or sterilize it, you can just clean the Pop Top itself, or you can just take it off and switch it out with other heads for the Hitachi; the Pop Top makes the Hitachi a lot more multiple-partner friendly.

Along with that, while the plastic head of the Hitachi itself is plastic, so it rarely requires lubrication, some people made find that the tacky material of the vibrator is uncomfortable unless lubrication is used. Water-based lubrication is the only lubrication that is safe with this toy.

So why purchase this Pop Top Smooth Fuschia if it’s basically the same thing as the original head of the Hitachi Magic Wand? Well, for one, it gives you a way to easily “replace” the top of your Hitachi in case your old one has stains or you prefer the sensation of silicone instead of plastic. For another, it makes it much easier to use the Hitachi with multiple partners. For another, if you thought the Hitachi was too strong, it makes the vibrations slightly less intense. So see? It’s definitely a quality product, and while it does have some cleaning concerns that take a bit more time, I’d gladly take it over the original head of the Hitachi any day. Thanks to SheVibe for sending me this wand attachment for my Silicone Pop Top Smooth Fuschia review.

NOTE: I was sent one of the first versions of the product for review. Since then, the color of the product has changed to a purple/pink Fuschia. Everything in my pictures is accurate aside from the color.

Posted on August 8, 2011 and filed under silicone, attachment, pleasureworks.