Lust in Latex: Rubber Sex Stories Reviewed By Clitical Jenne

For the record I would like to state that I have never personally owned a latex dress or pair of rubber panties, but that doesn't mean that the idea of the kink doesn't appeal. So when I was offered the chance to read Lust in Latex which is edited by the personal shopper of erotica, Rachel Bussel Kramer, I jumped at the chance.

I've never been one to shy away from reading an anthology written around a specific kink, even if that kink is not one I've ever tried. After all fantasies are fantasies and there is always room for more kink in my head.

So I dove into the nineteen stories that can be found inside the wonderful cover of this book and was immediately surprised as I read, The Dress, written by Kristina Wright. This is a story that any woman can identify with in my opinion. We all own that one dress that makes us feel like a million dollars when we put it on. The dress in this story just happens to be made of shiny latex and it hugs ever curve of the lucky lady who wears it. This very sexy, sassy lady then ventures into club land and like so many of us in 'that' dress does things that are both out of character but makes for some unforgettable sex. My reaction to the story, was if this is how it opens, I can't wait to read the rest.


Over the next week, that's exactly what I did, read the rest of the stories. Some caused me to become a little more restless than others, but there was some great writing to be had here and some powerful fantasy fodder.

How To Liven Up A Boring Party, by Tersa Noelle Roberts, was one such story. At one point as I was reading, I was tempted to go on line and order some rubber panties, and find a party to crash. Yes, this is kind of the synopsis for this short, but it's much more intricate than that. It delves into the idea of bringing a new kink into a relationship, and the effects that might have on said relationship. In this case I'm happy to report a sweaty, happy ending.

Bathing Beauty by Andrea Dale, is another story along the same lines, but with an interesting twist, and a rather surprising rubber prop. After all who would have thought that a rubber swimming cap could bring one man and his partner so much pleasure? We get to glimpse in on their hot, sweaty, rubber fueled journey and it left me wanting to find my own rubber swimming cap... This like all the other stories are beautiful and fully developed, even though they may only span a few short pages.

Of all the stories the one that really got me hot and bothered was, Tire Stud. There was something deliciously ironic about this story, that touched me, even if I did find myself questioning the likely hood of it ever happening. This story is just so well written, it's impossible to ignore.

“So I helped myself to two handfuls of tire-clad torso and kissed Mitch, hard, breathing a cocktail of rubber and aftershave. Within moments, we were giving new meaning to the term rubberneckers.”

Who could resist that?

So whether, like me, you are a latex virgin or a fully fledged Michelin man, there is more than a few stories within this anthology that will likely rev up your engine and have you looking at you car tires in a completely new light. Don't say I didn't warn you!! 

Posted on January 12, 2014 and filed under book.