Lorax Reviews SeaGrape Self-Care Goodies


Right around the time when I published my post about living with mental illness, and how that impacts my life and blogging ability, I got an email from my favourite online sex-utensil shop asking if I’d be interested in trying out some bath and body goodies. The timing couldn't have been better and I accepted because I knew that it would force me to do something I’m not so good at remembering: self care. If you’re a little bit (or a lotta bit) like me, human maintenance often takes the back seat to everyone-else-care, and maybe even makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable and selfish. The reminder to stop and take care of me as much as I want to take care of everyone else is a good thing.

The goodies from SeaGrape were just what I needed. What I got was a bottle of massage oil, a tea-light sized massage candle, and some edible body dust. There was a definite relaxing/de-stressing theme to the scents, which was just extra awesome[1]. I was kinda meh on the body dust, though I appreciated that it wasn't super sticky-sweet tasting and that it was made from real-food ingredients. It probably could have been a little sweeter, since natural cocoa has a definite alkaline bitterness to it (which I normally like, but know a lot of folk don’t). As a former makeup-artist, I’ve played with a lot of body dusts in my day and I still think the old Urban Decay ones from the 90′s were the best. I understand that they make other flavours, though I don’t know if the little kits that SheVibe carries are set in which flavour or if it’s grab-bag.

The massage oil I got was called Exotic Fields, which seems to be one of the two included in the Sexy Weekend Kit. I conveniently had a massage appointment coming up, so I brought this along to try out. I am so glad I did...


Posted on March 7, 2014 and filed under bath & body, seagrape.