Lorax Of Sex Reviews Vixen Creations Gemstones


Anal beads have long been one of those things where fantasy and reality differ drastically. People envision balls on a string, with a vast difference between the size of the beads and the connecting tendril snaking its way into your body. Withdraw the string and you get a rather dramatic POP sensation. I think we've all seen them in porn, in Tumblr gifsets, and read about them in erotica. The reality though is that strings with beads are just not safe for our bodies- they can have sharp edges, the strings can act much like cheese-cutters to the delicate tissues of the anus, and there is no way to clean them thoroughly. What this has left us with is anal beads that are more akin to a thin dildo or plug, with ripples along the way. Generally solid, though there are a few more flexible ones, they still aren't what folk tend to envision.

Until now.

Enter Vixen Creations, with one of their first totally-new product releases in… a long time. Vixen has held a special place in my heart since my first escapades with sex toys back in my days as a baby-queer. My first dildo was a black-and-teal swirled Woody. My first butt plug was the Tristan. I used to lust after the Nexus. Vixen has been around since the dawn of the silicone sex toy revolution, and they’re not ones to change things up very often. If you've ever visited their website, you know this to be true. So their releasing a new product line is really exciting. Add anal beads to my list of Vixen-was-my-first’s.

I have actually had my string of the Emerald Gemstones for a while now, but wanted to wait until I had them all before doing this review. Once again, the fine folk at SheVibe generously sent my butt some sex toy love. There are currently four sizes available:

When Vixen first released the Gemstones, they released just the small green ones. I ended up having a conversation with Epiphora about them, and we were wary. She was unimpressed, but hadn't tried them yet. When I finally got them and tried them I felt the same. Yes- body-safe anal beads was exciting to me, but the price point on these was pretty high [2] and to be honest, using them felt a little like pulling a hair outta my ass. But then I got the medium and the large ones. But wait, there's more...

Posted on August 13, 2013 and filed under anal toy, silicone, vixen.