Bex Talks Sex Reviews The Optima Pleasure Balls


Throughout my reviewing career I've acquired quite a number of kegel exercisers, always in a quest for the perfect one. I have this fantasy of a toy that I can wear in public, being secretly turned on all day and I always hope a set of kegel balls will be able to do that for me. Unfortunately, with every new pair I get I am always let down. I had started to believe that this wasn't actually a thing, that every review I did of a kegel ball set would just end in a resounding “meh”. Nothing particularly awesome but then again nothing especially terrible. I mean it’s a pretty basic design, two large hollow balls connected by a bit of silicone, and inside each ball is a smaller ball that will roll around in use, what could go wrong? Well, the two sets I've received most recently each managed to prove me wrong, unfortunately what the Optima proved is that things can go very very wrong.

Even upon first opening the box these struck me as different from other kegel exercisers, which I figured would prove to be either really good or really bad. The balls were almost perfectly round as opposed to the elongated design that many other toys use but what was most striking was the length of the silicone cord between the two balls. It was nearly 2.5 inches in length which is considerably longer than any other set I've seen, longer even than the retrieval cord, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why.

These are listed as silicone but it is by far the thinnest layer of silicone I've ever felt on a toy (even thinner than Lelo) and the surface texture is actually sort of weird. The cording feels exactly as I would expect, albeit a little stretchy, but the balls just don’t feel quite right. It’s totally smooth, not shiny like Tantus or rough like Fun Factory, I’d probably say it’s closest Lelo but much less luxurious, Lelo is silkier while this is just weird and… well, I’m not sure, just weird I guess, but I don’t like it. On top of that it collects lint more than anything else I own, it’s even difficult to wash the cat hair off in the sink and as soon as I need to insert it almost immediately after or it gets coated again. For me that’s a big deal breaker, especially on kegel balls because they’re the type of toy I like to put in quickly on my way out the door, or even leave in my bag to put in while I’m out. I don’t want them to require more than just a quick rinse under the sink before I’m good to go. There's more...


Posted on March 19, 2014 and filed under kegel excerciser, silicone, sinclair select.