Bex Talks Sex - Njoy Pure Wand vs. Jopen Comet Wand


If you've ever hunted for your g-spot or studied to unlock the mysteries of squirting you've surely come across the Njoy Pure Wand. It may not be quite as iconic as the vibrator formally known as the Hitachi, but the Pure Wand sure has made a name for itself in the sex toy world as being the go-to for the g-spot. The heavy material, drastic curve, and bulbous head works in a way that seem to be able to get almost any body to squirt, and for a long time that has made it a favorite for many.

Sometime last year another toy hit the market, one that looks distinctly similar to the Pure Wand, but the lighter material and silicone coating make the Key Comet Wand stand out as more than just another knockoff. Not long after it’s release reviewers started singing it’s praises as the star of the new Key line from Jopen, and with two toys so similar and so widely appreciated, the questions becomes: Which one do you get?

The Pure Wand is a tool, I can slide it into place, wiggle it for about 15 seconds, and have a near instant squirting orgasm.1  The smooth stainless steel slides effortlessly into the body, so despite the blunt tip I can always skip straight to the larger side, and the weight of the material is part of what creates the intense stimulation that this toy offers.

The Comet Wand is both shockingly similar and drastically different from the Pure Wand in use just as much as it is in appearance. Although the head is roughly the same size as the large end of the Pure Wand, the grab of the silicone makes it feel much more intimidating upon first insertion and begs for the use of a good lube, and a warm up. There's more...


Posted on November 4, 2014 and filed under dildo, jopen, metal, njoy, silicone.