Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The Scandal Hog Tie


The Scandal line from Cal Exotics comes inside non-discreet boxes. They have erotic, but not graphic images on the front. The boxes aren't super flimsy, but they won’t be good for long-term storage either. I found myself throwing all of them away as soon as I finished pictures for my review.

The Hog tie set consist of four cuffs and a center piece. Each cuff is made of polyester with a lovely black and red pattern on the outside while the inside is lined with velvet. These cuffs have a Velcro closure stitched on the outside with O-rings secured under the Velcro layer. All the O-rings attached to the cuffs have clasps to attach to the center piece. The center piece is a thick nickel-free iron with nylon straps that attach four other iron O-rings to for an X. The four O-rings are there to clasp each of the four cuffs in order to hog tie your subject. The ideal cleaning method for these cuffs would be to avoid getting the iron wet and to only use a damp cloth for a surface clean. This means you should avoid body fluid contact with them as well as lube and oils since these might absorb into the cuffs causing you to do a more abrasive cleaning, which could cause the iron to rust.

The cuffs measure 10″  long with an extra 5.5″ piece of Velcro. They are 2″ thick. These are also padded cuffs. The best fit would be 5″ – 12″. Note: closer to 12″ will have gap between the each side of the cuff causing Velcro to rub the skin and closer to 5″ will have to shorten the Velcro strap because it will be too long.

This is not an extreme set, however, I really like it. For Cal Exotics…. it is built pretty tough! I never thought I’d say that I like Cal Exotics BDSM gear, but the hog tie and spreader bar from the Scandal line are fabulous. I wasn't a fan of the flogger, though. There's more...


Posted on April 23, 2014 and filed under bdsm, cal exotic.