Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The ENVY SEVENTEEN Kegel Exerciser


Kegel balls are something I am not sure I will ever have enough of. There are many shapes and styles. Some that vibrate, have balls that jingle inside, electro-stimulation, and anything else creators come up with. Prior to the Envy Seventeen, I didn’t own a set that vibrated. The idea of vibrating kegel balls appealed to me so I asked SheVibe if I could review a set from the Envy line. SheVibe kindly sent me the JOPEN Envy Seventeen free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I really like the packaging for the Envy and Lust line’s from JOPEN. They are both thick boxes that open like a book. Inside the product is placed nicely in a foam insert. There is a manual that tucks into its own pocket on the side. The packaging is even great for long-term storage as it can hold up to being roughed up. I wish more packaging was made similar to the Envy and Lust line. On the back of the box, you will find some useful product information such as size, charge time, battery life, and features.

The Envy Seventeen measures 5.5″ from the top of the insertable portion to the bottom of the cord. The insertable portion measures 3.75″ in length with a 4.5″ in circumference at the fullest girth and 2.5″ in circumference where the insertable portion is its thinnest. The shape of the Envy Seventeen is that of two balls that are connected – giving it an hour-glass shape with very little give in between the two balls. The bottom ball has the cord attached. The bottom ball also has the faintest circle, which is the button to operate the vibrations. The top ball has an opening for the charger.

The Envy Seventeen is rechargeable via the USB cord inside. It’s the same charger as the majority of the other JOPEN toys I own use. I don’t always like using my USB slots for charging toys, so I have an adapter. According to the box, the Envy Seventeen reaches a full charge in 2.5 hours, which should last 40 minutes on high and 1.5 hours on low. It does take about 2 hours to full charge the Envy Seventeen; however, the time it should last is off a bit. I got 25-30 minutes on high out of the Envy Seventeen and about one hour on low. There's more...


Posted on April 30, 2015 and filed under jopen, kegel excerciser, vibrator.