Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The Silicone Love Rider Stimulator


Whenever I browse for new products to review, I usually start by looking for something I know my readers would want to hear about. When I noticed the Cal Exotics Love Rider Stimulator,  I knew I wanted to review it. SheVibe was generous enough to send it free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased experience within this review.

Shipping from SheVibe is always discreet. The items come packaged in a priority mail box and wrapped with packing paper. The packaging for the Love Rider Stimulator is nothing fancy, which I didn’t expect from Cal Exotics and the price tag anyhow. It’s the typical clear plastic box. The box opens on the side and out slides a plastic sleeve that holds your toy in place. The packaging isn’t good for long-term storage and is somewhat bulky. You’d be best storing the Love Rider Stimulator in a Ziploc bag or toy pouch if you could find one that accommodates this size.

The Cal Exotics Love Rider Stimulator is made of Cal Exotics silicone. It’s labeled with Cal Exotics “Safe and Pure” logo which means it meets the standard of having less than 0.01% phthalates. The packaging states that this is pure silicone and I would have to agree since it passed the flame test. Cal Exotics describe the silicone of the Love Rider Stimulator as being silky smooth, unscented, and having a satin finish. The silicone is nice to the touch. I wouldn’t exactly call is a satin finish. I’d say that it was an attempt, but still have too much drag to be satiny soft or silky smooth. As for the unscented part, I don’t smell anything. Cleaning options for the Love Rider Stimulator include dish washer, boiling, toy cleaners, 10% bleach solutions, and antibacterial soap.

The Love Rider Stimulator is what is called a strapless strap-on. An oxymoron name, huh? I’m not sure why they haven’t come up with a better name for them. Anyhow, a strapless strap-on refers to a dildo that has two ends: one that is inserted into the wearer and the other is the shaft. The wearer needs to have good muscle strength within their pelvic region in order to hold onto this end of the dildo. The shape of these ends vary, but they usually are either shaped like a thumb, butt plug with a slender neck, or a bulb with a slender neck. The Love Rider Stimulator’s has a butt plug looking end that is followed by a short and slender neck that curves into the shaft. Along the top of the shaft is a ridge of texture. The shaft gradually increases in girth before you reach the “head” area. The “head” is slightly tilted upright in order to provide G-spot/P-spot stimulation.The entire toy is outlined with a faint seam, which Cal Exotics likes to call “virtually seamless”. This annoys me because the seams vary. You can have two of the same identical products where one has almost no seam while another has a sharp seam. I do find that mine is very faint everywhere, but the underside of the shaft. There's more...


Posted on January 13, 2016 and filed under cal exotic, dildo, silicone, strap-on harness.