Beck And Her Kinks Reviews The Bettie Page Teasearama Crop


When I first seen the Bettie Page line, I fell in love with how adorable the items were especially the paddles. However, I had heard that they were more for light spankings. I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy how they performed, but I had yet to hear how the crop performed. I reached out to SheVibe to see if I could review the crop and they kindly sent me the Bettie Page Teaserama Leather Riding Crop free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Upon arrival, I admired the lovely packaging. Typically BDSM items don’t come in packaging aside from a plastic bag, so it is nice to see packaging that makes the item presentable as a gift. The packaging has a sleeve on the outside that gives you an erotic teaser about the crop and some material information. Bettie Page is pictured on the front and the back with the crop also pictured on the back. The box opens by pulling the top off. Side you will find the crop, a small key chain clip with Bettie pictured, and a card that is one of Bettie’s pin-up images.

I definitely recommend it for those who like items that leave marks, provide a nice sting, and are into titty smacking. There's more...


Posted on September 17, 2014 and filed under bdsm, spanking, love honey.